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Charleroi is known to be one of Belgium's main expat destinations. Find out, in this article, how to proceed to find accommodation there.

Being the third biggest and most important Belgian city, Charleroi attracts thousands of foreigners every year, particularly those coming from European Union countries. Stretching over some 554.55 km², Charleroi is especially active in terms of public transport, hosting a very developed bus and railway network. It is also known for being an economic hub due to its main pillars, which are chemical, mechanical and electrical industries, as well as iron and steel, glass production and engineering.

Charleroi also holds a strong cultural look thanks to its lively theaters and museums, as well as other architectural buildings. Families moving to this city can also enjoy various leisure and sports activities. Moreover, the Walloon Social Credit Society (SWCS) and Forem head offices are based in this city.


Before moving to Charleroi, it is best that you inquire on its different neighborhoods and on their inhabitants' lifestyles so that you can better decide where you would prefer to settle. Note that Charleroi is a constantly developing city with many undergoing projects. The Carolophenix project has been set up in September 2013 so as to modernize the city's main streets and neighborhoods. The aim is to attract more expat families there and provide a practical daily routine in a pleasant environment.

Note that Charleroi consists of 55 neighborhoods, resulting from the merging of 15 municipalities in 1992.

Rent prices

Charleroi is deemed to be the Wallonia region's cheapest city in terms of rent prices. According to real estate experts, you can expect to pay some 423 euros per month for a 76m² accommodation. However, rent prices may be higher depending on the type and size of accommodation, on the neighborhood, as well as on the comfort level.

Find accommodation

There are various ways to find accommodation in Charleroi, namely internet, classified ads in local newspapers and real estate agencies for those who are already on the spot. You might as well visit the different neighborhoods so that you can spot “Te huur” or “For rent” signs indicating available housing. Other search methods are also available, such as Charleroi's Housing Directorate and other local agencies.

 Useful links: – Housing offers 
Official website of the city of Charleroi
Housing Fund of large families of Wallonia

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