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Do you wish to perform an internship in Belgium? What are the conditions to be met? Find all related information in this article.

Performing an internship abroad during your studies, or even after, has many benefits. In fact, most higher studies programs worldwide include an internship module so as to allow students discover and understand what corporate life is all about, along with understanding the labor market's requirements and providing professional experience.

Belgium also offer internship opportunities to young foreigners wishing to benefit from its fruitful economy and open labor market. Hence, finding an internship there should not be difficult, whether or not you come from the European Union.

Active sectors

You are more likely to find an internship in particular fields, namely in legal and social services, banking, healthcare, and even media. But you may also try your luck in other fields. Try to identify a few big companies to which you can send your job application.


First of all, the internship you are applying for should be part of your study program. In fact, you will need an internship agreement which has to be signed by your university and the company wishing to offer you an internship to be eligible to an internship visa. Note that the agreement should clearly state that the internship is related to your study curriculum. Moreover, the agreement may also be issued by the company where you have applied for the internship.

In general, the internship agreement contains all details regarding the training program, namely its duration, conditions, tasks to be performed, and remuneration if any. Note that there is no legal duration regarding internships in Belgium.


As in many European countries, internships in Belgium are not remunerated. However, trainee can still negotiate some kind of compensation with their employer, for instance, transports and meal allowances.

In case of compensation, the company and the trainee should sign an agreement in this regard, clearly stating the amount of compensation to be paid.

Social protection

Trainee in Belgium are generally required to subscribe to an expat insurance in their home country before moving as he will not be eligible to any type of social protection in Belgium.

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