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Discover, in this article, all that you need to know on leisure activities which are available in Brussels, the Belgian capital city.

Apart from being one of the European Union's major economies, Brussels also has a vibrant history and culture which you can discover once you have settled there. You are not likely to get bored there. Enjoy your leisure time by discovering its places of interest as well as attending various cultural events which are regularly held in the Belgian capital city.

You will find theaters, cinema halls, swimming pools, parks, etc., almost everywhere across the city.

Cinema halls

Movie lovers will simply be delighted with Brussels's various cinema complexes, namely the Actor's Studio, the Galleries, Adventure, UGC Brouckère Kinepolis and Cinematek. You will be able to watch movies in different languages along with subtitles. Moreover, the city regularly hosts film festivals such as the Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival, Offscreen, the Be Film Festival, the Brussels Short Film Festival, the Brussels Film Festival, the Pink Screens Festival, as well as Filem'on which is a children's film festival.


Brussels is also home to some twenty theaters, namely the National Theatre of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels, the Royal Flemish Theatre, among others. As Brussels is a bilingual city, you will be able to attend French and Dutch dramas. But it also occasionally hosts international drama festivals.

Parks and gardens

Did you know that Brussels is deemed to be one of Europe's greenest capital cities? In fact, Brussels has many parks and gardens which will give you another taste or urban life. In total, the city consists of some 8,000 acres of parks and 2,279 acres of health tracks. You can enjoy your leisure time, whether in the evening or during weekends, by strolling around these beautiful green spaces, and even making a picnic there.

Swimming pools

You can also enjoy swimming in one of Brussels's public swimming pools, namely the Bains du Centre, Laeken Swimming Pool and Neder-Over-Heembeek Swimming Pool. You will also find many small lakes across the city.

Media libraries

Whether you like books, films or music, or if you want to perform some particular research work, Brussels' media libraries are at your disposal. You can also borrow CDs and DVDs there.


If you are an amateur of sports, you can benefit from various sports organizations and infrastructures around Brussels. The Sports and Physical Education Administration provides support and equipment to Brussels citizens as well as to foreigners having settled there. You can also register with gyms and other sports associations available.


Most Brussels museums are found in Mont des Arts and Parc du Cinquantenaire. Other neighborhoods also have their own museum where you will be able to discover remains of the Belgian history, as well as paintings and other art objects. You will also find a comics museum in Brussels.

Annual events

May - Iris Festival in Brussels

May - Europe Day: Open House and entertainment activities in all the European institutions

May - Zinneke Parade offering a colorful and multicultural parade in downtown Brussels (annual event)

June-July – Ommegang which is a pageant competition recreating the entrance of Charles V in Brussels

August - Flower Carpet on the Grand-Place (even years)

September - Belgian Beer festival (week-end) on the Grand-Place.

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