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Walking around town, discovering the city and culture, hanging around with friends – there is a lot to do in Brussels. Read more below.

For cinema lovers

Brussels has many cinemas: Actor’ Studio, the Galeries, l’Aventure, Brouckère UGC, Kinepolis, or even Cinematek.

Cinema festivals happen throughout the year:

  • Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival
  • Be Film Festival
  • Brussels Short Film Festival
  • Pink Screen Festival
  • Filem’on, children movies festival

Movies are broadcasted in French or in the original version with French and Dutch subtitles.


Brussels has 20 different theatres: National Theatre of the Walloon-Brussels region and the Flemish royal theatre (Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg.) Because Brussels is a bilingual city, shows are either in French or in Dutch. Brussels also welcomes major names in the theatre field thanks to its international status.

Parks and gardens in Brussels

Brussels has many parks and gardens: 8,000 acres of green spaces and 2,279 acres for walkers. The Brussels city website has a map and a list of all the parks and gardens in the city.

Swimming pools

The Bains du Centre, Laeken swimming pool, and Neder-Over-Heembeek pool are available to swim. Admission fees vary between 2 and 4€ depending on your age and residential town. Brussels’ inhabitants (ZIP code 1000, 1020, 1120, 1130) benefit from a discounted fee of 2.80€. Inhabitants from other cities pay 4€. Children under 3 do not pay admission fees.

You can also subscribe to a membership.

Libraries and media libraries

If you enjoy books, movies, music, or you are looking for information on a specific subject, Brussels has 60 French libraries and 5 media libraries.

Dutch-speaking people can find what they need in 20 certified libraries. However, not all of them are equipped with a media library where you can borrow DVDs and CDs.

Sport in Brussels

The General Direction for Sport and its branch Administration for Physical Education and Sports (ADEPS) help sportsmen to find an activity in the capital, in the Brussels region and in the Walloon region.

Dutch-speaking people can ask for information at the Flemish communitarian commission (VGC – Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie.) The commission can give a list of all the sport associations and classes for children and adults. The list also has contacts for all the sporting infrastructures in the Brussels region.


Most museums in Brussels are located in the Mont des Arts neighbourhood and the Cinquantenaire Park.

Many fields have a dedicated museum. For instance, cartoons, paintings, nature, and even the industry each have a dedicated museum.

Events in Brussels

  • May: Iris Festival (the dedicated festival for the region Brussels-Capital)
  • May: Europe Festival (free visits and events in all the European institutions)
  • May: Zinneke Parade (a colourful and multicultural parade in the city centre. Yearly event.)
  • June-July: Ommegang (historical show replenishing Charles Quint entering Brussels)
  • August: floral displays on the Grand-Place (even-numbered year)
  • September: weekend beer festival (on the Grand-Place)

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