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Do you have an idea of how to find accommodation in Las Terrenas? If not, here are some guidelines.

Las Terrenas is very popular with expatriates for many years. To date, some 8,000 foreigners have settled there. Moreover, you are most likely to come across an important expat community there, especially in the tourist areas. Hence, you will probably enjoy your stay and adapt more easily to this Dominican city's environment and its people's lifestyle.

Being one of the country's major cities, along with being a tourist area, Las Terrenas provides a range of accommodation options for foreigners. But it is best to inquire on its different neighborhoods so as to determine which one will be more appropriate for you and your family.


Las Terrenas is above all famous for its beautiful sandy beaches. Playa Bonita, for instance, is located west of the city and is deemed to be a real paradise for windsurfers. Playa Ballenas and Playa Popy, which are found in the East are rather quiet and are ideal for relaxation. Finally, Playa Coson offers a breathtaking scenery. In some regions, you are likely to come across motorcycle and quad riders which are almost part of everyday life.

On the other hand, the city provides many facilities such as international schools, pharmacies, foreign bakeries and butchers, several supermarkets, restaurants, etc.

 Good to know:

Safe drinking water is not available everywhere in Las Terrenas. However, the region is developing rapidly, thus increasing the number of facilities that are already available there. Moreover, real estate prices tend to increase for the past few years.

Find accommodation

In case you intend to start your housing hunt on the Internet, you should know that most of the offers are addressed to tourists for short term stays. Still, it can help if you wish to take your time to find an appropriate long term rental. Note that in the case of short term rentals, the rent has to be settled every week, although some rental agencies provide other facilities.

In general, it is best to go through a real estate agency, or even through networking and word of mouth if you are already on the spot. You can thus visit the housing unit and decide whether it meets your expectations. You can then negotiate the lease conditions and rental price with the owner.

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