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How to find accommodation in San Pedro de Macorís, one of the major Dominican cities? Find useful tips in this article.

San Pedro de Macorís, also known as Macorís del Mar, is one of the major Dominican cities. It is found in the East of the country, more specifically in the Higuam region. Stretching over 13,604 km², San Pedro de Macorís is divided into divided into six municipalities, namely San Pedro de Macorís, San José de los Llanos, Ramon Santana, Consuelo, Quisqueya and Guayacanes along with 45 districts. To date, the city's population amounts to around 2 million inhabitants.


In the West of San Pedro de Macorís, you are more likely to find the most dynamic tourist areas. These should suit you if you are not looking forward to settle in a calm region. The following neighborhoods are especially popular with tourists:

  • Juan Dolio beach
  • Guayacanes
  • Mortero Hotel Bahía Príncipe beach
  • the historical city center
  • Monumento Cultural
  • Universidad Central del Este
  • Tetelo Vargas Stadium.

Rent prices

You are advised to be very careful regarding rent prices, especially if these are advertised in US dollars. Hence, you will need an average of US$ 450 for a 115 m² apartment and an average of US$ 150, that is some 7,000 pesos for a three bedroom apartment.

In case you are not yet in the country, make sure to inquire on prices and to convert these if needed so as to avoid surprises. Nevertheless, it is recommended that you choose accommodation according to your budget, remaining in the local averages.

Find accommodation

You can start your accommodation search in San Pedro de Macorís by browsing general and specialized real estate websites. Networking can also help, especially if you want to have an idea about the types of housing units which are available there and of rent prices. Word of mouth is another useful tool when one has friends or contacts on the spot.

Otherwise, you can seek the assistance of a real estate agency on the spot, particularly if you do not have a good command of Spanish. These professionals will help you on every step, including lease procedures. Note that you have more chances of finding more affordable housing units with real estate agencies, just like locals would.

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