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Santiago de los Caballeros is the Dominican Republic's second biggest city, hosting a large number of foreigners as well as accommodation for them.

If you are about to move to Santiago de los Caballeros, here is what you need to know on its accommodation market.

Located in the Cibao region and in the province of Santiago, Santiago de los Caballeros is the Dominican Republic's second biggest city after Santo Domingo, the capital city. It is known to be an economically dynamic city. On its own, it makes an important contribution to the Dominican economy through numerous activities, including one of the country's largest free zones. It also hosts an international airport, as well as universities, etc.

If you are relocating there, finding accommodation should not be too complicated. One of the first things to do will be to inquire on its surroundings and on accommodation options which are available there. Note that rent prices can be quite high there, just like in the capital city.


Santiago de los Caballeros is one of the country's regions with the most fertile lands, especially as it is crossed by the Yaque del Norte River. The city is bordered in the North by the Puerto Plata province and in the South by the Jánico and San Jose de las Matas. In the East, you will find Tamboril, Licey al Medio while in the West you have Villa González and Esperanza.

Santiago is divided into five boroughs, namely Baitoa, Hato del Yaque, Canela, Pedro Garcia and San Francisco Jacagua. You will probably be amazed by the number of shopping malls which have opened there, along with restaurants, bars, nightclubs and other cultural attractions.

Unlike many other cities, tourism is not very developed in Santiago de los Caballeros despite local authorities efforts to turn it into a tourist resort. This has however allowed the city to preserve its authentic, yet modern look.

Find accommodation

Internet will probably be your best search tool if you are looking for accommodation from abroad. You can browse housing offers on numerous general and specialized websites. Networking and word of mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts in the region.

If you are already in the country, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of a real estate agency, especially if you do not have a good command of Spanish. You thus stand more chances of finding accommodation according to your criteria, and your budget above all.

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