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If you are moving to Santo Domingo, here is some information on how to proceed to find accommodation there.

When moving to Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic's capital city, finding accommodation will definitely one of your priorities. Unlike in the rest of the country, finding accommodation there should not be a difficult task provided you know where to start from. Note, however, that rent prices in Santo Domingo can be quite high as it is essentially a tourist city. You should also be rapid enough to seize an opportunity as the local rental market's trends are constantly changing.


Paraiso, Esperilla, Piantini, Naco, Evaristo Morales, Bella Vista and Anacaona are Santo Domingo's most popular neighborhoods. These host not only a range of accommodation options but also modern infrastructure and many facilities. However, rent prices can be quite high. In fact, rent prices in Santo Domingo vary according to the type of accommodation, neighborhood, size, as well as on its furniture and services provided. Hence, a modern apartment in a residential complex in the city center will definitely be expensive.

On the other hand, Arroyo Hondo, Cuesta Hermosa, Chefferies, Alameda, Los Rios and Gazcue, are more quiet and residential neighborhoods. These are ideal for expatriate families thanks to their pleasant climate and dynamic environment. Finally, Herrera, Haina, San Isidro and Manoguayabo are more industrial areas.


It is recommended that you look for accommodation in Santo Domingo through a real estate agency. In fact, you search will be made easier by these professionals, especially if you do not have a good command of Spanish. Otherwise, you can still browse housing offers on general and specialized websites.

Once you have found accommodation according to your criteria, the following details have to be considered:

  • you are required to find a guarantor or a creditworthy cosigner who will agree to settle the rent for you in case you are no longer able to do so
  • you must fill out the rental application, providing your bank account number, your identity documents as well as that of your guarantor or cosigner
  • the lease document will resume the owner's or property's manager, and the tenant's details as well as details on the property, the lease term, the purpose of the lease, the owner's and the tenant's responsibilities, the payment of public and private fees, non-compliance penalties, etc.


You are required to pay a deposit which is usually equal to two months rent, as well as a month's rent in advance.

 Good to know:

According to the Dominican Act of 1948, a landlord cannot evict a tenant or rent increase unexpectedly. Where it applies, the owner must seek the tenant's written consent.


In neighborhoods such as Bella Vista, El Malecón, or Gazcue, which are very popular with tourists and expatriates, you are more likely to find housing units which are already connected to the electricity, telephone, Internet and cable networks. Otherwise, fees apply for the installation and connection will be your responsibility.

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