Useful numbers in Dominican Republic


Find in this article some useful numbers which will probably help during your relocation to the Dominican Republic.

Government institutions

National Police: 809-695-8000 / 809-682-3004

Public safety: 809-472-8614

Customs Administration - Dirección General de Aduanas (DGA): 809-688-7070

Internal Revenue Branch - Dirección General de Impuestos Internos (DGII): 809-689-2181

General Migration Directorate - Dirección General de Migración: 809-685-2555

Passports Directorate - Dirección General de Pasaportes: 809-532-7373

Supreme Court - Suprema Corte de Justicia: 809-533-3191

Main international airports

Las Americas airport: 809-412-5888

La Romana Airport: 809-813-9000

Airport Punta Cana: 809-959-9285

Telephone companies

Verizon: 809-220-1111 (free from a Verizon line)

Tricom: 1-809-200-9699 (toll free)

Orange: 809-859-6555

Centennial: 1-809-200-7500 (toll free)

Claro: 809-220-1111

Viva: 809-503-7500


Banco Central de la Republica Dominicana: 809-221-9111

Banco Popular: 1-809-200-5555

Banco Agricola: 809-535-8088

Clinics and Hospitals

Hospital General Plaza de la Salud: 1-809-200-7266


EdeEste (Compañia de Electricidad): 1-809-200-1099 (toll free)

Fire Services: 809-682-2000

Red Cross - Cruz Roja: 809-682-4545

Tourist Police - Policia turistica: 1-809-200-3500 (toll free)

Gas distributor, (home delivery) VA-Gas: 809-283-7395

Santo Domingo Central Post Office - Oficina Central de Correo in Santo Domingo: 809-338-5838

Useful websites

Paginas Amarillas (Yellow Pages)


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