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How to keep in touch with your family and friends from Costa Rica? Find out in this article.

Expatriation often means having to start all over again in a foreign country about which you don't know much. But this definitely does not mean leaving everything and everyone behind. Indeed, you will want to keep in touch with your family and friends back in your home country, and even communicate locally. You can easily access to various telecommunication services including land lines, mobile phones and Internet in Costa Rica.

The country hosts many telecommunications service providers that offer a range of services at attractive prices. However, make sure to choose according to your needs and budget.

Land lines

Unlike in many other countries worldwide, the land line is still very present in Costa Rica. In fact, more than a half of local households have a land line phone number. The land line service is generally provided by ICE, which is the country's official service provider. But you can also turn to other service providers such as Claro and Movistar.

If you have queries, you can visit their website, one of their branches in person or call their customer service on 1115. Note that your legal representative can also take care of formalities on your behalf.

To apply for a land line, the following documents have to be produced:

  • proof of address
  • a complete and updated identity document
  • documents justifying your legal residence in Costa Rica
  • your electricity meter's number and the supplying company's name
  • proof of income (if it applies)
  • proof that you are creditworthy(possibly).

You will also be required to pay an application fee and a security deposit.


You will be eligible to an Internet line with ICE if you already have a land line, you can justify that you are a legal resident in the country and no arrears are due on your behalf.

You can also choose among 3G and 4G networks (IDNet), cable networks (CABLETICA, Amnet), ADSL (Kolbi hogar) and WiMax (IDNet). Finally, Wi-Fi is also available (Costa Rica Wi-Fi companies, RACSA).

Mobile phones

Costa Rica hosts several mobile phone companies, namely Fullmóvil, Claro, Tuyo, Movistar and Kolbi (ICE), all offering efficient services. Therefore, take the time to compare offers before choosing your preferred service provider. You also have to choose between prepaid services and monthly plans.

You are advised to inquire on documents to be produced with the chosen service provider as these often vary from one to another. In general, you are required to produce a valid and current identity card or a passport.

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