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Barbados is the quintessential Caribbean island. A warm tropical climate is tempered by trade winds that blow in from off the Atlantic, and miles of sun kissed beaches surround this paradise on earth. The golden sands of the beaches give way to inland areas which are dotted by sugarcane plantations and tropical forests. A land of diversity, this island may be small in area but large on hospitality.

Consistently highly ranked in the Human Development Index, this modern country is a lure to many who wish to trade in overpopulated urban centers or poor climates for a lifestyle that allows for outdoor living and a healthier atmosphere.

Barbados has been an independent country since 1966 but the effects of it having been a British Colony are still evident. The official primary language of Barbados is English and many of the current government systems are modeled after those of England. As a result, many expatriates from the United Kingdom find Barbados particularly appealing because other than the climate there is much in common with their country of birth.

Cost of living expenses must be taken into consideration when deciding to purchase property in Barbados. Not only are property values likely higher than what you’re used to but goods and services are also likely to cost more as almost all goods need to be shipped to the island. As a result many items that are required for running a household are difficult to obtain or just unavailable. Taxes for both individuals and businesses are also high in Barbados, but for many these things are well worth the added expense just to live in paradise.

Purchasing property in the country of Barbados is not a difficult process, but it may differ from the process to which you are accustomed, therefore while contracting with an estate agent is not mandatory it is highly recommended. In addition to the usual paperwork involved in purchasing property in Barbados, there are also additional taxes levied on property purchases.

There is a wide array of recreational activities available for those who do choose to purchase either a primary residence or investment property in Barbados, helped no doubt by the number of people who take holidays to barbados. From world class golf courses to a myriad of restaurants, bars and nightlife and all the water activities, there really is something for every lifestyle. In fact, of all the Caribbean islands Barbados has the best championship courses available. Tennis is also very popular, or for those who want to take it slow there are always walks along the beaches or exploring any of the country’s quaint towns.

There is no doubt that the stable economy, modern health care and education facilities, and a stable government make the prospect of property ownership in Barbados seem very attractive. And for those who can afford it and who crave endless days of sunshine and tropical temperatures, it is indeed nirvana

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