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Finding accommodation will be one of your priorities if you are moving to Hanoi. In this article, find practical information on the Vietnamese capital's real estate market.

Hanoi, Vietnam's capital city, has a wide variety of accommodation. It shall not be difficult for you to find accommodation according to your needs and budget. There are not only hotels, but also apartments and modern or traditional homes. But before anything else, you must identify the neighborhood in which you would prefer to live and learn more about its lifestyle.


Hanoi is divided into four main neighborhoods. Ba Dinh district lies in the east of the city while Hoan Kiem, formerly known as Petit Lac, is located in the center of the city. This area has a higher concentration of expats than others. Further, you will find Hai Ba Trung, formerly known as the station area or Boulevard Gambetta. Da Dong is situated in the south-west of Hanoi city.

These neighborhoods offer many private residences for expatriates with facilities such as a gym, restaurant, babysitting and security services. You can also find small houses with a garden and a backyard.

Moreover, more villas and modern apartments are currently under construction in the region.


If you are making a short trip to Hanoi, it is best to stay in a hotel. A luxurious hotel room can cost about 3 million dongs per night while an average room can cost an average of 200,000 dongs per night.

If you plan to stay longer, you can rent an apartment, a studio or a villa. Prices range from several hundred thousand to several million dongs depending on the size and comfort level.

  Good to know:

In Hanoi, the lease duration varies between 1 and 5 years. Rent can be negotiated with the owner, but you will have to pay an advance equal to one month's rent, or even three months, depending on your agreement. Electricity and water bills will be at your expense.

Find housing

To find a home, you can check the classified ads in local newspapers or real estate websites. You can also hire a real estate agent who will find you an apartment matching your criteria and your budget.

Word-of-mouth or a stroll around the different neighborhoods could also help you if you are already on the spot.

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Is it possible to rent in Hanoi with two small dogs ?

3 years ago

If you are staying in Vietnam for a long time more then 6 months, you probably try to find a studio room which is around 300$ per month.

3 years ago

When you find a house in Vietnam, normally the house owner will pay the fee for the broker, tenant does not have to pay. Fee for broker is about 50% of a month rental. Do not hesitate to reach property brokers as many as you can.


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