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To travel to Vietnam, you can opt for several types of visas. If you are a businessman or if you are going to work in Vietnam, you can apply for a professional or business visa. There are also press visas and family visit visas.

If you want to work or start a business in Vietnam, you must obtain a professional visa or a business visa. Learn more about procedures in this article.

Several types of visas are available for those who wish to expatriate to Vietnam for special reasons. If you want to work, do an internship, develop a project or start a business in the country, you can apply for a professional or business visa. If you are working in the press or media and you intend to make a professional trip in the country, you can request a press visa.


To obtain a professional visa or a business visa, you must contact the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country of residence. The visa application will include the presentation of your passport and two passport-size photographs which you have to stick on each sheet of the application form.

To apply for a business visa, you need to have a partner in Vietnam. The latter, being Vietnamese or a foreigner, will fill all the necessary formalities at the Immigration Department. He will have to communicate your personal information such as your full name, date and place of birth and passport number and validity. He will also have to specify the length and purpose of your stay, as well as the number of entries in the country.

Once you have received the Immigration Department's approval, you must give the references to the Vietnam Embassy where you make your application. Fees apply.

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Press visa

To obtain a press visa, you will need to obtain the approval of the Information and Press Department of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. You will have to produce your visa application form, personal data of the team members, the program, details about the length of stay, as well as information on professional equipment you intend to bring to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country.

Family visit visa

Expats from Vietnamese origin must apply for a family visit visa if they wish to make a short stay in Vietnam, provided they made their last trip a maximum of 36 months before their application. They will get a FN-1a type tourist visa.

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