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To settle in Vietnam, you must apply for a visa at the embassy or consulate of Vietnam in your country. The documents to be produced are your passport as well as passport-size identity photos.

All people travelling to Vietnam need a visa, except for citizens of some countries who are exempted from this requirement. More information in this article...

If you want to travel to Vietnam for a long or short stay, you must have a visa. On your arrival, you will be controlled by the Vietnamese authorities. You must be in possession of your passport and visa, unless your country has signed a visa exemption agreement with Vietnam. Make sure you have checked the entry requirements before starting your expatriation procedures.

Visa exemption

You will find a list of countries whose citizens are exempted from the obligation to apply for a visa on the official website of the Vietnamese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Note however that the exemption of visa has a maximum duration of 90 days. If you plan to stay longer, you must apply for a visa in the appropriate category. 

Visa application

There are different types of visa for entry into the country. Most tourists and businessmen opt for the visa on arrival.

To apply for a visa, you should contact the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your home country. You can do this in person or by e-mail. You are advised to start the procedures several months before the scheduled date of your departure as the process can take some time. The documents required are your application form, duly completed and signed, your passport and two passport-size photos which you have to paste on each sheet. Fees apply according to the number of entries in Vietnam.

  Good to know:

You must make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months after the expiry date of your visa.

When your visa is ready, you will be notified by the relevant authorities. You must go to the embassy or consulate office with your original passport and your ID.

Visa on arrival

You can also apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival. But this is not recommended by the Vietnamese authorities. You may not be able to travel to Vietnam, or you may simply be deported upon your arrival if the authorities are not satisfied with your entry criteria.

However, to obtain this visa, you must have made a request to a travel agency or a specialized website, be in possession of your passport as well as your travel dates. On arrival in the country, you must produce the letter of invitation given by your agency to the Vietnamese authorities.

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