About Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is located off the east coast of China, north of the Philippines. It has a developed economy based primarily on the science and engineering sectors. Expats living and working in Taiwan can enjoy the tropical landscape on the island as well as the surrounding region with its extensive transport network.

A large part of the island is mountainous, while the rest is merely hilly or flat. However, most of the country is covered in lush greenery due to its tropical climate. Hiking or climbing the mountains are popular pastimes, along with visiting the various national parks. These areas contrast with the highly populated cities and can be ideal spots for a nice break on weekends, thanks to the wide-reaching road network. Due to the country's tropical climate, however, there is a rainy season during May and June.

Taiwan has seen its economy develop significantly in the 21st century, with a move towards hi-tech industry, which is prevalent throughout the country, not just in the capital city of Tapei. Also, there is a highly skilled workforce within the country for those looking to expand or start an enterprise.

Taiwan's culture is closely linked to that of mainland China, and there's a wealth of Chinese artefacts on the island's popular National Palace Museum. However, there are many aspects of the Taiwanese culture that are unique to Taiwan or a blend of the cultures of surrounding countries. For example, Karaoke is also very popular in Taiwan. Bubble tea is a unique part of the Taiwanese cuisine that has become popular internationally, with numerous incarnations of the drink that is classically made of tea, condensed milk and tapioca pearls.