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Find out all you need to know to relocate and live in South Korea with the expat guide

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General information


Visas, passports and entry requirements
  • The regulations to be able to get married in South Korea vary depending on citizenship. Find more information in this article.

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  • Nationals from certain countries can travel to South Korea visa-free, while others will need to apply for a visa. You may also want to get travel insurance

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Work visas, work permits, working holiday visas and residence permits
  • If you are seeking professional experience in South Korea, you can apply for a work visa, a business visa or a partnership visa.

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  • There are different short-term visas that allow you to stay in South Korea. Here are some of the visas you can apply for at the South Korean Embassy.

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  • The Working Holiday Visa (WHV) allows you to stay in South Korea for up to one year and get a unique working experience while travelling the country.

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Labour market, how to find a job
  • Seoul is a dream destination for international students and professionals. If you, too, want to live and work in Seoul, this article will help you.

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  • Are you looking for a job in Incheon? This South Korean city has a high employment potential and attracts great foreign investments.

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  • South Korea has an open and dynamic labour market that appeals to expats. Employment opportunities exist in various sectors.

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  • It is not difficult to find a job in Ulsan, as the city has many international and multinational companies in need of foreign professionals.

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  • The South Korean city of Gwangju is highly industrialised and has a wealth of opportunities for expats in different fields.

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How to rent a house or an apartment, leases and rental agreements
  • Busan, the second largest city in South Korea, is a popular destination for expats who want to live and work in South Korea. Accommodation is easy to find.

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  • Each year, millions of expatriates from across the globe move to Seoul. Yet, finding accommodation in the South Korean capital city is not an easy task.

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  • Various types of accommodation are available in South Korea. Expats can choose from a studio, an apartment, a villa or an individual house.

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Student visa, University registration
  • South Korea has world famous universities that are open to international students. This article will answer your questions about studying in South Korea.

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Health care

Public and private health systems
  • South Korea's health system is quite developed. However, you are advised to subscribe to a health and repatriation insurance before travelling.

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  • My experience in the public health system, Korea.

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Open and manage a bank account
  • If you move to South Korea, you will need to open a bank account. Find information on the banking procedures in this article.

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Tax system, income tax
  • If you live in South Korea, you will have to pay tax. Find information on the country's taxation system in this article.

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Train, bus, plane, car rental
  • The transport in South Korea makes it easy to get around the country for work and leisure.

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  • This article is about taking the subway and bus system in Seoul Korea.

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  • My experiences of using the subway in 3 different cities of Korea.

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Driver's licence

Driving requirements
  • To drive in South Korea, you need an international driver's licence. If you're staying for more than a year, you can also exchange your driver's licence.

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moving, formalities and useful tips
  • If you are moving to South Korea with your belongings, you must find a reliable moving company to move your things to South Korea safely.

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  • Packing your stuff like a pro befor moving abroad !

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Phone line, internet provider, post office
  • South Korea's telephone network is one of the most developed in the world, and mobile phones are an essential part of the lives of the locals.

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  • If you already have a smart phone, but don't want to commit to a 2 year phone contract, there is an alternative--and it's a lot cheaper!

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Sports, leisure and cultural activities
  • South Koreans love sports and are very active. If you, too, are a sports fan, you will enjoy the sports enthusiasm in South Korea.

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  • From hikes in spectacular nature reserves to amusement parks and historical sites, South Korea has leisure activities for everyone.

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  • Your pet much meet certain criteria to travel to South Korea. Find information about how to move with your dog, cat, or another type of pet to South Korea.

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  • The most common types of childcare services in South Korea are nursery schools, preschools, and nannies.

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  • When moving to South Korea, you can import products such as tobacco and alcoholic drinks in small amounts without paying taxes. Fire arms are prohibited.

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  • Whether you are traveling or living in Korea, check out these travel apps that will make your stay easy and comfortable.

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