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Our participative guide will help you find out more on the work market and the legal framework in Singapore.

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Want to become a digital nomad in Singapore? The digital nomad's guide to Singapore will help you make the most of your nomadic life abroad.

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Singapore's labour market is quite open to expatriates. Note that there is no minimum wage in Singapore.

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The job market in Singapore is rich, and there are different ways to search for vacancies, such as recruitment and company websites.

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If you wish to do an internship in Singapore, you must first find a sponsor. Once you have received an offer, you can apply for an internship.

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Setting up a business in Singapore generally requires a capital of about S$ 50 000. You should also apply for a professional visa or an investor visa.

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An employment pass is valid for a year, sometimes longer. In cases where the work run-time is pushed forward or extended, you're required to extend your EP too. This used to be quite a tedious process. However, not so long ago, the Ministry of Manpower greatly streamlined the process.

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