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Finding a job in Iloilo may not be an easy task, but with some planning, you can definitely succeed. Find more information in this article.

Located in the Visayas region, Iloilo is nicknamed the “Heart of the Philippines” and is known to be a highly urbanized city. Iloilo consists of a total of 5 districts, 42 municipalities and 1,721 villages with a population of 1,805,576 inhabitants according to the latest census conducted in 2010. The city is very welcoming towards expatriates, providing many professional opportunities in different fields. Hence, you should not have much trouble in finding a job there if you know how to bargain regarding your profile.


Agriculture is the region's main economic pillar through the production of rice, sugar, mangoes and fish, etc. In fact, the province ranks first in the country in terms of production. As regards the Iloilo Fishing Port, it is primarily intended to maximize river and deep water fishing in the region. The Iloilo International Port Complex is a multipurpose port terminal for the treatment of local and international goods containers.

Other industries such as pottery, ceramics, weaving, wood works and related commercial activities also make a significant contribution to the city's economy. Finally, Iloilo hosts many commercial real estate, industrial and investment projects along with real estate agencies and project promoters who work hand in hand.

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Like most major Philippine cities, Iloilo also has its own business directory through which you can have an idea on companies operating in the city. You can try your luck by sending them spontaneous job applications. You can also download the “Iloilo Profile” from the city's official portal. 

Many international companies also have branches in the Philippines. So if the company for which you are working does have a branch in Iloilo, why not try to request for a transfer? Otherwise, you can inquire about job offers with international companies operating there, or with foreign embassies, consulates, and even foreign Chambers of Commerce.

Finally, Internet hosts many general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks where you can not only view current offers but also look for information on the different companies.

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