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Looking for a job in Davao? Find in this article an overview of its labor market and tips to help you land a job.

Stretching over 2,444 km², Davao is undeniably the largest Philippine city besides being one of its major economic centers. Located on the Mindanao Island, its population consists of some 1.5 million inhabitants according to the last population census conducted in 2010. Hence, it ranks 4th among the most densely populated cities of the Philippines. Note that Davao is divided into three districts, 11 administrative districts and 182 villages called barangays.

Among Davao's features, you have the Mount Apo which is the archipelago's highest peak, as well as the durian, a popular fruit in the country despite its strong aroma.


Like most major Philippine cities, Davao also has a very developed and dynamic economy which is mainly based on agriculture. In fact, the following products and activities make a significant contribution to the local economy: fruits, vegetables, cereals, tobacco, rubber, cacao, abaca, coffee, etc., cattle breeding, poultry farms and fisheries, etc.

Finally, construction and tourism are developing sectors.

Find a job

If agriculture or livestock are not relevant to your skills and qualifications, no need to worry! You can find many other opportunities by browsing general and specialized job websites. Many of them are also advertised on professional social networks such as Linked In, Viadeo, etc. You will even groups such as “Davao Jobs Opportunities”, etc., on Facebook. So it is best to update your resume and have your cover letter within reach.

You can also browse the Davao business directory where you can identify a few companies to which you can send spontaneous job applications. You might be lucky. Davao's official portal also has a special Jobs corner.

As you might have understood by now, there are various ways to look for a job in Davao. What you have to do is to make sure that you have the skills and qualifications that are required locally. You should also be able to negotiate your wages with your employer according to your profile.

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