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Being one of the most developed countries in South-East Asia, the Philippines has a wide telecommunications networks.

When moving to the Philippines, you will probably wonder whether phones and Internet are easily accessible there. Find out in this article.

If you are moving to the Philippines, access to telecommunications will definitely be one of your priorities. Indeed, you will want to get in touch with your close friends and relatives. You may also want to surf the internet, perform research, etc. Like most Asian countries, the Philippines also has a developed telecommunications network including several land line and mobile phone service providers, as well as Internet service providers offering various types of packages.


As the Philippines is a developed country, you can access to Internet services almost everywhere thanks to numerous service providers. For instance, you can choose among PLDT, Smart Broadband Inc., Globe Telecom, Sky Cable, and many others. Make sure, however, to choose wisely according to your needs and budget. To request an Internet connection, the following documents have to be produced:

  • your identity documents
  • proof of address
  • a deposit (amount to be confirmed with the service provider you have chosen)
  • a rent receipt (to be confirmed with the service provider).

 Good to know:

It is not compulsory to visit the service provider's branch to apply for a connection. In fact, the request can also be made online on its website, by phone, or at an authorized dealer's shop.

Land line

In general, Filipinos prefer to use mobile phones. But land lines are still available and you can definitely apply for a land line as soon as you have settled in your new home. You can choose among many service providers but, to date, Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) is deemed to be the best. To apply for a land line, the following are to be produced:

  • your identity (passport or Alien Certificate of Registration)
  • a bank document proving that you will be able to settle your phone bills
  • proof of address (electricity, taxes, water bills, etc).

Mobile phones

If you prefer to use a mobile phone, you can also choose among many service providers such as Smart, Globe, Bayantel, Sun Cellular and Red Mobile, among others, which offer both prepaid and monthly plans. But beforehand, make sure to have unlocked your mobile phone before traveling so that it can connect to local networks.

Choosing a monthly plan will allow you to settle your phone bill every month. You will also be entitled to a number of hours of call, as well as extra airtime and text messages from time to time during promotional periods. To apply for this type of plan, you have to visit your favorite service provider's branch with the following:

  • your identity documents (Alien Certificate of Registration or a valid passport)
  • proof of address
  • a bank statement or official letter proving that you will be able to settle your bills.

Otherwise, you can just buy a local sim card which you can recharge anytime you want thanks to prepaid scratch cards which are available at different prices. No particular document is required.

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