A few new and great cafes in Melaka


Melaka, the oldest town in Malaysia and also a UNESCO heritage site, is a wonderful Food Metropol. So when you visit, there is no need to worry about getting food, because food is every where.

I love the traditional eateries where i can have delicious food for a very resonable price. But i do admit that many times i could ask for a nicer atmosphere.

When it comes to coffee, I think the Chinese coffee shops are serving the best coffee for a VERY reasonable price.But slowly, Melaka is adopting to new ideas and now some locals have open up places to excite and please both tourists and locals.

So if YOU are one of those guys who likes to sit and enjoy your time even after you have finished your meal there is a few options as well. Here is a few cafes if you like western inspired food. If you can afford Starbucks you can afford the meny's here.

The Baboon House @ No 89 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Heeren st),
10:00am - 5pm, CLOSED ON TUESDAY

Back Lane Coffee @ No 129 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker st),
11:00am - 11:30pm

The Daily Fix @ No 55 Jalan Hang Jebat (Jonker st),
10:30am - 5:30pm on Sat & Sunday they open already at 8:30

The Cofffee Jar @ No 38 Lorong Hang Jebat,
10:30am - 6pm, CLOSED ON THURSDAY

Locahauz @ No 8 Jalan Bukit Cina,
10:30am - 6pm, CLOSED ON WEDNESDAY

They all have pages on facebook so feel free to check them up.

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