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If you plan to move to Macau with children, the question of education and recreation for them will, naturally, come up. Read on to find out more about international schools and educational facilities in the city as well as how to entertain your kids in the new place.

International schools

There are three main international schools in Macau:

  • The International School of Macau focuses primarily on Canadian curriculum. The school is located in Taipa, not far from Macau International Airport. Currently, there are over 1,000 students from 44 different countries studying at the school.
  • School of the Nations is another international school in Macau, owned by the Badi Foundation. The school identifies its mission as “integrating intellectual and spiritual education”, and its approach is partially based on the teachings of the Baha’i Faith.
  • Macau Anglican College is government-funded Christian school located in Taipa. The school follows a British curriculum and provides education from kindergarten to senior secondary level.

Depending on the time of your application, you may or may not be put on a waiting list. Thus, it is recommended that you contact your selected international school as soon as possible upon your arrival to enquire about available spots.

For very young children, hiring a live-in nanny is very popular in the region, especially among the full-time employed residents.The city also has a number of nurseries and kindergartens that can tend to the children when the parents are at work.

Activities with children

Known for its extravagant gambling and active nightlife, Macau doesn't have a huge array of activity options for children. With that said, you are sure to find sites in the city that will be interesting to the young ones. Macau Giant Panda Pavilion is an indoor and outdoor facility where you can see the majestic animals in action. Macau Science Centre may be interesting for older children with its Science for Children section, Planetarium and other interactive exhibits. For some time outdoors, Hác-Sá Reservoir Country Park on Coloane Island is a nice place for hiking, walking, canoeing or having a quiet picnic with the family.

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