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Situated in the North West and located on the Kyushu Island, Fukuoka city is one of the largest cities in Japan and the largest on the Island. Due to its location close to the mainland of Asia, Fukuoka is an important harbour city for Japan and has a good trade and export/import industry. The city also offers many attractions and sites meaning there is a lot of tourist activity too. All of these in turn are very attractive to foreign nationals who want to work in Fukuoka, meaning its expatriate population is ever growing.

Fukuoka's economy

Fukuoka is renowned for being the economic centre of the Kyushu Island, with many businesses and a growing number of start-up businesses too. These businesses can be very prosperous and attract many foreign nationals/ foreign investors. As well as this the city has its own stock exchange which again attracts investors both nationally and internationally.

The main contributors to its economy are the services and industry sectors, with the manufacturing, information and technology and high technology fields also active in Fukuoka. The entertainment business is also fairly big in Fukuoka and there are numerous regional broadcasters based in the city for both radio and television.


Some of the many businesses in Fukuoka city hire foreign nationals, this is on the condition however that you possess the necessary skills, qualifications, experience and in most cases a high level of Japanese language too. It must be noted that cultural experience and knowledge of Japanese customs also goes a long way in finding a job in a Japanese company. The same conditions also apply for any foreigners looking to work in the trade, shipping, export or import industries of the city.

The main areas of work for foreigners in Fukuoka are in the tourism and education industries. Fukuoka has a fantastic tourist industry and is known to be a tourist city. It hosts many attractions including Fukuoka Castle, art galleries and museums, a zoo, an amusement park, beaches and more. There are also two airports in the city and many hotels/hostels which cater to foreign visitors. Due to its large amount of foreign tourism there are often openings in this area for expatriates including working in places like foreigner friendly accommodation, the amusement park, at restaurants and bars, the airports and more.

There are also opportunities for work in education. The city hosts many educational institutions from preschool age up until higher education. For higher education roles however, the requirements are much higher and roles are harder to obtain.

Finding a job in Fukuoka

Fukuoka offers a sea of opportunities for expatriates and so finding a job here should not be too difficult. You can use online job websites, online classifieds and newspaper classified ads for your search. To save time or for added assistance for more difficult lines of work you can also use a recruitment agency.

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