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If there is ever a good place to find work in Japan, Tokyo is definitely it. Tokyo is Japan’s capital city and therefore has a massive concentration of expatriates living and working there. The city is a sea of opportunities not only in the work aspect but in the areas of fun and living too. It is filled with many skyscrapers, office buildings, shopping malls, entertainment complexes, and international companies. Expats are unlikely to have too hard a time finding a job in Tokyo.

The economy of Tokyo

At present Tokyo is the largest metropolis in the world and is a global financial capital. Tokyo is Japan’s economic, financial and commercial centre. The city’s main financial contributors are the service, finance, insurance and high tech fields, so there are often opportunities for work in these areas.

Tokyo has many foreign companies, as well as businesses looking for foreign influence. Most of Japan’s major companies have their headquarters in Tokyo, including Hitachi, Rakuten, NTT Docomo, KDDI and more.


Tokyo offers a variety of job opportunities to expatriates and is the best place to find work outside of teaching English.

As there are many big companies in Tokyo that trade internationally, there are often positions for foreign nationals within these enterprises, which are looking for people with international experience and knowledge. It must be noted however that to work in a company in Japan requires excellent skills, qualifications and a strong command of Japanese. A large number of expatriates in Tokyo is seeking work, so it is a good idea to stand out from the crowd and have more to offer than the average person.

Work for international companies is also a good line of work for foreigners in Tokyo. There are a number of international translation companies, media companies, etc. located in Tokyo, so it is a good idea to find out which are the ones hiring.

If you are considering teaching English, there are many opportunities to do so in Tokyo. Since the city is the most populated in Japan, this means there are many schools, universities and language institutions all with positions for foreign teachers. You can also find jobs in teaching other languages in the city, with the most popular being French, Mandarin, Spanish and German.

Finding a job in Tokyo

To find work in Tokyo. it is not so difficult, particularly if you have good Japanese and are a native speaker of English. Jobs can be found on a number of job sites as well as online classifieds. You can also check newspapers like The Japan Times for classifieds. Signing up with a recruitment agency is another good way to find work in Tokyo, and there are a good number of both specialist and regular recruitment agencies in the city.

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