Accommodation in Japan

Looking for a house or an apartment in Japan? Find out more about renting a house or an apartment, leases and rental agreements.

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Hiroshima has both traditional sights and modern amenities, though expats may not find it easy to find long-term accommodation in the city.

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Osaka is quite densely populated, so expats looking for accommodation in the city should expect smaller housing options than elsewhere.

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Kyoto is Japan's old capital and holds a wealth of Japanese tradition. The price of renting accommodation varies by location and furnishings included.

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Japan's capital city is hugely popular with both locals and expats. However, accommodation in Tokyo is more expensive than other parts of Japan.

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Expats looking to rent accommodation in Japan will require a residence card and a Japanese guarantor. The most common type of housing is apartments.

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Kyoto Apartments: information to look for and find an accommodation in Koyto, Japan.

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Types of accommodations in Tokyo: services apartments, unfurnished apartments, houses, guest houses.

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