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All visitors must possess a passport valid for at least six months after their arrival date in Indonesia. 

If you are coming for a short holiday, less than 1 month

Tourist Visa- Visa on arrival

The Visa on Arrival are for persons who are visiting Indonesia for a short period (30-60 days) as a tourist, for business, or to attend a conference or meeting. This visa is NOT for expatriates intending to work and live for an extended period of time. The VOA is a single entry visa; it terminates when you leave the country and you must get a new VOA on your next visit.

Once the visa is issued, you have 3 months (90 days) to use it to enter Indonesia. Once you arrive, it's good for 30/60 days (see what's stamped in your passport!). If you want to renew it, start the process at least 7-10 days before it expires. The cost of the 30-day (only) VOA is US$10 for a 7-day visa or US$25/person for a 30-day visa. The fee must be paid in cash; no credit cards are accepted for visa fees on arrival at the airport. Visitors from countries with visa-on-arrival facility will have to go to a special counter to have their passports stamped with the on-arrival visa before going to the immigration clearance desk.

If you are planning to stay longer  than 1 month

Social Visa Bali

Valid for visits that are social, cultural, religious, or medical in nature. This includes visiting family/relatives and social organisations, and exchange visits between academic, art, or sports institutions. 60 days valid, monthly extendable to a total of 6 months. One requires an Indonesian 'sponsor' and letter from this sponsor. One can only obtain such a visa outside of Indonesia. In Singapore there are agents who can arrange the 'Sosial Budaya' within a day. Usually it takes 3 days to get one.

If you are planning to work or do business in Indonesia you will need Business Visa (multiple entry), 60 days valid, monthly extendable to a total of 12 months.This visa is valid for the purposes of doing business activities in Indonesia, which do not involve taking up employment or acquiring money for payments of services. It is valid for conducting a temporary business assignment, i.e. inspecting company subsidiaries and carrying out emergency/urgent works. It is also valid for attending international conferences and seminars and carrying out journalistic visits.

Residency or work visa

Sponsorship required by an Indonesian company or recognized foreign company. Expensive, $1200/year tax pre-paid, due at sign-up. Lots of redundant reporting to various offices required. Residents are also need to pay 1.000.000 rp tax every time they leave the country by air. (500.000 rp by sea.) if they do not hold an Indonesian tax number (NPWP)

Overstaying your visa period

Means usually that you have to pay, around US$20 a day. If there legitimate reasons for your overstay, like illness or transportation problems there might be exemptions. If possible report your overstay at the immigration office.

Not recommended

Is to 'just stay and see' without any official Bali Visa. It has been done, and there are

(expensive) escape routes from Indonesia to nearby countries. Risks are payment of very high fees and even imprisonment, and becoming blacklisted, so you can never enter Indonesia again. There have been people changing their name to get into Indonesia again.

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RhysG Active member
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2 years ago

I?m sorry, but this article is full of gross errors, misinformation and omission, some of which has already been addressed in other comments. For a complete, up to date and accurate review of Indonesian visa requirements consult this link: Also, it is no longer required to obtain a social/cultural visa for intended stays of 60 or more days in Indonesia. A 60 day visit visa can be obtained directly from an Indonesian embassy or consulate in the country of residence, and that visa can be extended up to four times, each time for an additional 30 days here in country. A sponsor is not required for an extended visit visa but may be required to obtain all four extensions.

2 years ago

thank u you ur comment is much more understandable!

3 years ago

Thanks a lot for nice article Rhys & info from Pak Guru & Klungkung as well. Its helps a lot :D

Pak .Guru
Pak .Guru
3 years ago

If you arrange a tourist visa before traveling you can get one straight away for two months (from Australia anyway). Also the latest news is that tourist visas can be extended within Indonesia without having to go out again. See the Indonesian immigration website for more details, lots of tourists in Bali are apparently loving that new procedure. :)

4 years ago

Visa on Arrival is exactly what it says, you get it on arrival (only available at certain airports and ports - use google to find out which ones). You cannot get it prior to arrival and Visa on Arrival is not available for all nationalities. The 7-day VOA has been discontinued. There is only the 30-day VOA at $25. 30 days does not mean a full 30 days. If you arrive at 11.59pm, that one minute counts as 1 day. Indonesian immigration officers operate many scams to extort money from tourists. Bali is by far the worst port of entry/departure for scams, but scams can be encountered everywhere. Common ones include: Saying that you should have left after 29 days if you are on a 30 day visa (nonsense). Claiming that you need an export license for your souvenirs. You are then presented with the opportunity to fill in the paperwork - just happens to be so much paperwork that you'd miss your flight - or pay. Discretely stash most of your cash so that you can show them a relatively small amount and claim that that's all you have. If they see a wallet full of bills they'll be out to get as much of it as they can. If they allow you to pay the visa on arrival fee by credit card because you don't have the cash, watch out how much you get charged (250,000 rupiah is the amount they charge if you pay in rupiah so should be no more than that, yet people have been charged 4 or 5 times as much). If travelling with children make sure your childrens' passports have been stamped or you won't be able to leave without paying a large fine. A lot of the Denpasar airport visa on arrival money went missing. Certain "culprits" were identified but nobody lost their job. The head of immigration said that immigration was like one big family and they prefered to see the the "culprits" as aberrant children. Obviously a cover up for the fact that the guy at the top was getting a slice too.

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