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Surabaya is one of Indonesia's major cities. Here are some tips to help you find a job if you have decided to settle there.

Surabaya is East Java's capital city and Indonesia's second largest city. To date, its population amounts to more than 3 million inhabitants over a 326 km² surface area. Like many other major cities, Surabaya also provides career prospects to foreigners wishing to work there. If you also wish to work in Surabaya, it is best to start inquiring on its labor market's requirements well in advance. Some fields require foreign expertise, especially when skills demanded are not available locally.


Surabaya's economy is based on three main economic pillars: primary, secondary and tertiary industries. In fact, the city is a well-known business and economic hub thanks to its diversity. Apart from its huge office buildings, it also hosts one of the country's busiest ports, thus facilitating the export of raw materials such as coffee, sugar and tobacco. You will also find naval schools there.

On the other hand, you will find many international companies such as Unilever, Schneider Electric, Samsung Group, Alstom, etc., in Surabaya, as well as international schools and higher education institutions.

Find a job

One of the main steps during your job search in Surabaya is to find out if your employer has a subsidiary in the region. In this case, you may simply request for a transfer and the company will take care of all related formalities on your behalf, including the work visa application. Otherwise, you will have to look for a sponsor.

Job offers can be viewed on general and specialized websites. Networking and word-of-mouth may also help if you have friends and contacts in the region. Note that many career prospects are available in the teaching field. Hence, you may apply if you think you have the required qualifications.


Foreigners in Surabaya are not authorized to work with a tourism or retirement visa. This is why many of them prefer so set up a business there although relevant procedures are quite complicated.

 Good to know:

The standard and cost of living in Surabaya is relatively low compared to some other major cities. You should consider yourself as lucky if you managed to be hired with an expatriate's salary.

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