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Medan is deemed to be Indonesia's fourth biggest city. Find out, in this article, how to proceed to find a job there.

Medan, which is Sumatra's capital city, is Indonesia's fourth major city. In spite of being found outside Java, it is an important commercial and economic hub. In fact, locals, as well as foreigners have set up their business there so as to take advantage of its dynamism and boost its economy. You might enjoy your stay there if you are planning to settle in Indonesia. However, you are advised to inquire on its labor market and to make proper advance planning before moving there.

Also make sure you have the skills which are required by the labor market and which are not available locally.


Medan's economy is mainly based on tobacco, rubber, tea and coffee culture and production. Other fields such as automotive assembly, production of machinery, tiles, etc., also contribute to the city's economy. But unlike Surabaya, which is known for its port, it does not specialize in a particular field.

You will also find many big international companies in Medan, namely Phillips Lighting, Marriott, Abb Group and DBS, etc.

Find a job

Seeking a company transfer will definitely facilitate your job search if your employer has a subsidiary in Medan. Otherwise, you can inquire about major companies operating in the region and send them spontaneous job applications.

Internet will also be a helpful search tool. You can not only view job offers on specialized websites but also interact with locals and expatriates in Medan on online forums. In other words, you can rely on networking and word-of-mouth if you have friends and contacts on the spot.

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