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Jakarta is a dynamic Indonesian city. Here is how to proceed if you are looking forward to work there.

Jakarta is known to be one of Asia's major cities with a population of some 10 million inhabitants. Being Indonesia's capital city, it is also deemed to be the country's economic hub, offering various professional opportunities. Although living standards in Jakarta vary from really high to very poor, more and more foreigners are looking forward to work and settle there.

Advance planning is recommended during your job search in Jakarta. Make sure to inquire on the labor market's requirements and that you have skills which are not available locally.

Labor market

Foreigners in Jakarta can aspire to a job in various fields namely biomedical, chemical, mechanical engineering fields, petroleum, coal, gas, gold, electronics and automotive industries, etc. The services sector is also quite developed in Jakarta. In fact, the city not only hosts huge skyscrapers but also a very developed business center.

Other fields such as information and communication technology, insurance, brokerage, exports, etc., are also very present in Jakarta. Many national and international companies have set up their head office or subsidiaries there.

Find a job

As labor laws and work visa regulations in Indonesia are quite complicated, finding a job in Jakarta may not be as easy as it seems. But there are various ways to find a job there if you have the right profile and, above all, you are patient enough.

Many foreigners who have not managed to find a job according to their respective skills have finally been hired in the teaching field. In fact, many job prospects are currently available in the language teaching field. Note that a good command of English is required as these jobs are in great demand.

Otherwise, you can inquire on the major companies in the region. Consider sending spontaneous job applications to them. You might be lucky, who knows?

Networking may also be another useful tool during your job search, just like word-of-mouth if you have friends or contacts in Jakarta. You may also turn to job websites or Jakarta forums where you will be able to post your queries regarding the labor market and job prospects.

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