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Indonesia is a huge archipelago consisting of 13,000 islands. Here is some useful information to help you find accommodation in any of these.

Although Indonesia is a wide archipelago, consisting of a total of 13,466 islands, most expatriates are more likely to settle in Bali and Jakarta which are the closest to Java. Both cities, in fact, attract the largest number of foreigners every year, including tourists, young professionals and retirees. But some of them may also choose to settle in more remote areas so as to be closer to the local cultural diversity.

Wherever you have decided to relocate, finding accommodation will definitely be one of your main concerns. The different Indonesian islands provide a range of accommodation options for foreigners at varying rent prices. Take the time to inquire on all possibilities before taking a decision.

Lease conditions

You are highly advised to register with a real estate or property management agency whether you have decided to settle in Bali or Jakarta. But you can also negotiate directly with the owner if you are already on the spot. In general, real estate agencies offer furnished apartments and houses for rent. This can be very advantageous, especially if you do not wish to involve in purchases on your arrival in the country. Try to find accommodation close to your work place, if you are working in Jakarta in particular. This will help you avoid being stuck in traffic jam, especially when it rains.

Owners and real estate agencies will not request any particular document when signing the lease contract. However, you should have enough money to pay rent throughout your stay. Moreover, there is no regulation regarding rent prices in Indonesia. Hence, the owner is free to fix the rent price amount. Note that Indonesian owners are not likely to request for an advance or guarantee payment. Hence, tenants are free to sublet the housing unit if they plan to be away for a while.

There is no minimum lease period in Indonesia. Thus, you can even sign for a maximum of 20 years lease document. Note that this period is renewable and it should be signed before a notary by specifying details such as the owner's and tenant’s personal details, amount of rent to be paid, etc.

Like in many European countries, you shall be liable for any repair to be undertaken in the housing unit. However, major repairs will be taken care of by the owner.


Rent is generally paid on a yearly basis in Indonesia. Thus, you will have to pay rent in advance according to the scheduled occupation period. Therefore, you should plan appropriate funds in case you wish to occupy the housing unit for a 5 years period. Payment can be settled in three or four installments if you have dealt with a real estate agency.

Types of accommodation

If you have not yet found appropriate accommodation for you and your family, you can still choose from a range of temporary options such as home-stay, losmen, hotels, etc. However, rent prices can be quite high as these are more common with tourists.

If you prefer home-stay, expect local version of a Bed & Breakfast with a large bedroom, a bathroom with optional warm water, and a toilet. Your room will be cleaned up daily and towels and tissue paper will be provided. In general, it should cost some 15 to 30 euros per night, including a breakfast. As regards the losmen, it is a basic room with a bed, bathroom, toilet and a fan. It generally costs some 10 euros a night, excluding breakfast however.

You will also find a range of hotels across the country with varying comfort levels. These can be cheap or very expensive, depending on your preferences. For a minimum of 30 euros per night, you will not only have a breakfast but also access to the swimming pool. You may also choose small studios or apartments, according to your budget, but you will have to cook yourself.

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We do our best to provide accurate and up to date information. However, if you have noticed any inaccuracies in this article, please let us know in the comments section below.
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It is generally easier to ask the employer or potential employer to assist with finding suitable accommodation. This is especially for the Indonesian neophyte and/or for those that wish to settle outside Jabotadebek (Jakarta, Bogor, Tanggerang, Depok, Bekasi)/Bandung/Surabaya/South Bali area. Be modest with your expectations. You are a foreigner so you will probably not get the best price early in a negotiation session.


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