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If you are planning to settle in Medan, one of Indonesia's major cities, here are some tips to help you find accommodation there.

Medan is a very lively and dynamic city which has nothing to envy to Jakarta, the Indonesian capital city. For many years, it has been attracting tourists from across the globe, not only for its cultural patrimony but also for its wonderful scenery, as well as its numerous places of interest.

Located in North Sumatra, Medan has become a key destination in terms of expatriation. But for a successful relocation, finding accommodation will be your priority. This should not be difficult if you have the right contacts.


Medan is divided into 21 districts, 151 villages or communities (Amplas, Area, Barat, etc.). Cemara Asri, Bumi Asri and Setia Buda are Medan's most popular neighborhoods. Most foreigners have preferred to settle there due to their infrastructure. In fact, you are likely to find huge modern and luxurious residential buildings there. These generally include amenities such as tennis courts, a football field, badminton courts, etc.

On the other hand, Medan offers various leisure activities so as to keep you busy during weekends and holidays. You will be delighted by its cinema halls, shopping malls, golf courses, fitness clubs, its football school, etc. You can also enjoy its ice rink, its orangutan reserve and crocodile farm, as well beautiful beaches. In brief, Medan is an ideal city for expat families.

You children's education will be another important issue if you are moving there with your family. Medan hosts many international schools and colleges.

Find accommodation

You can start your accommodation search in Medan on the Internet by surfing general and specialized real estate websites. If you are already on the spot, it is better to seek the help of a real estate agent. But you can also contact owners directly if you have a good command of English.

Note that rent is generally paid on a yearly basis in Medan as in the rest of the country. But the payment can be settled in two to three installments if you are dealing with a real estate agency. You are therefore advised to make appropriate planning both in terms of your budget planning for rent and in terms of distance between your accommodation and your work place.

 Good to know:

Lease documents are written in Indonesian only. So it is best to seek the assistance of a real estate agent through related formalities.

Rent prices

Rent prices in Medan usually vary according to the type of accommodation and neighborhood. Moreover, prices can be higher for expatriates than for locals. Therefore, you could pay an average of 1,625,000 Indonesian rupees per month for a single bedroom apartment in the city center and an average of 716,666 Indonesian rupees for the same type of apartment in the outskirts.

For a three bedroom, you will need an average of 2,533,333 Indonesian rupees per month in the city center and some 1,575,000 Indonesian rupees per month in the outskirts.

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