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Each year, thousands of foreigners move to Indonesian. Here is an overview of the country if you are also planning to settle there.

Stretching over some 1,904,570 km2 and a total of 13,466 islands, Indonesia is known to be the world's biggest archipelago. The Indonesian Republic's population, to date, amounts to around 252,164,800 inhabitants, half of which is less than 29 years old. If you intend to settle there, you will probably choose Jakarta for its dynamic and bustling city life.

Note that the world's greatest Muslim population is found in Indonesia, that is around 86.1% according to latest official census. But Indonesia is also world famous for the harmony and unity which reign among other faiths which are recognized by government authorities, namely Protestants, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists, Confucians, etc.


Indonesia is deemed to be the world's 10th economic power. Its economy is mainly based on the secondary sector, including oil, natural gas, textile, clothing and mine, for its development, followed by services and agriculture including the production of palm oil, rice, tea, coffee, spices and rubber.


During your expatriation to Indonesia, you can choose among a total of 13,466 islands. Indeed, the choice is huge. To date, some 6,000 islands are officially occupied. However, local authorities have decided to divide the country into four territorial units: provinces, city and departments, districts, communes and villages.

The Indonesian provinces are the following:

  • Sumatra
  • Kalimantan
  • Sulawesi
  • Java
  • Moluccas
  • West New Guinea
  • Small Sunda Islands.


As Indonesia is, above all, an equatorial country, expect a lot of heat and humidity, even at night. However, the wettest season lasts between October and April while the dry season starts in May to end in September. In general, depending on the season, the average temperature varies between 22 °C and 34 °C. Night temperatures can be quite cool in the upland areas.


According to a major international bank, Indonesia is deemed to be one of the main destinations in terms of expatriation worldwide. According to published figures, foreign professionals working in Indonesia can earn an average of 250,000 dollars per year against an average of 53 thousand dollars per year in European countries.

This phenomenon is explained by a greater purchasing power thanks to low prices of public and private transports, clothing, food, housing, etc.

Finally, according to a famous international consulting firm, Indonesia should be the world's 6th most powerful economy by 2030.

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