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If you are moving to Indonesia, health care will be one of your main concerns. Here is what you need to know on the Indonesian health care system.

The Indonesian health care system consists of several organizations. As poverty is one of the country's features, despite its economic prosperity in most sectors, many NGOs have moved there so as to ease its major health concerns. You will also find foreign and religious organizations, as well as smaller groups which greatly contribute to the health care system.

Both public and private health care systems are quite well supplied with proper infrastructure, equipment, as well as staff. Moreover, Indonesian nationals are entitled to a health insurance.

Health care of expats

Foreigners in Indonesia are not eligible to the health care programs which have been set up by local authorities. But they can still access to health care in various private hospitals. However, foreigners prefer to go to Singapore or Bangkok in serious cases.

In fact, Indonesia is relatively late compared to many other Asian countries regarding health care services. For instance, some medicines are available only in major cities.

Regional health care

If you intend to settle in Indonesia, it is best to choose tourist and most developed regions such as Bali and Jakarta. You are more likely to receive quality health care there compared to other regions which have less public or private hospitals and health care centers, as well as medicine and emergency services. As regards physicians, they are more likely to offer health care services in public and private hospitals. But you can still find some public medical cabinets in some regions.

Health insurance

The social insurance system which has been set up by the Indonesian government is strictly reserved to Indonesian nationals. Hence, tourists and expatriates who have settled there have to subscribe to a private health insurance. This health insurance can be provided by your employer and is generally mentioned in your labor contract.

Moreover, you should bear in mind that Indonesia is a risky country in terms of natural disasters and exotic diseases. You are therefore advised to seek emergency health services in case of need as any minor health concern can rapidly turn into a major issue, particularly in remote areas. If your company has not provided you with a health insurance, you are advised to subscribe to a private health insurance.

 Good to know:

Any minor or major health care service received without having a company or private health insurance can be very expensive. Moreover, scaling will not be possible and you will have to settle the whole amount at once.

Common diseases and hospitals

Rabies, dengue, malaria, tuberculosis, typhoid and polio are quite common in Indonesia.

In case of any minor or major ailment, it is best to seek health care in major cities such as Jakarta which hosts better equipped public health infrastructures. These generally have a range of rooms, from the most basic to the so-called VIP.

Private hospitals are also found in major Indonesian cities. Some of these are run by non-profit or religious organizations. However, health services offered are quite expensive. Hence, it is better to have a health insurance.


Most professional and English-speaking doctors are likely to be found in major Indonesian cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Bali. In rural areas, they are quite rare. Moreover, if the hospital you have visited does not have a doctor who speaks your language, consultations can also be performed by phone or on the Internet by a foreign language speaking doctor.

If you have trouble in finding a doctor around your neighborhood, you can seek the assistance of your home country's embassy or consulate in Indonesia.

In case of emergency, dial 118 for the ambulance service. Similar private services are also available.

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