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Looking for an internship in Indonesia? Here is some information on prospects and on formalities which have to be filled in.

Indonesia is undeniably an economically prosperous archipelago. Experts agree that this group of islands shall definitely become one of the world's economic leaders by 2030. Moreover, half of its population is less than 30 years old, thus attracting thousands of Asian and Western professionals. In fact, the younger generation is very keen to travel to Indonesia, whether to work or to study. So if you wish to look for an internship opportunity there, you will definitely not regret it. Indonesia has a lot to offer in professional terms.

Internship visa

If obtaining a work visa in Indonesia is quite difficult, students wishing to perform an internship in Indonesia can simply request for a social or cultural visit visa, that is the KSBV. This visa will entitle you to a 60 days stay in the country and is renewable four times. Note that this visa has to be requested at the Indonesian embassy or consulate in your home country. Documents to be produced are the following:

  • your internship agreement
  • your travel tickets or proof of booking
  • a color passport-size photo
  • a passport which is valid for six months following your return date
  • an invitation letter from your Indonesian sponsor
  • a duly filled and signed visa application form
  • fees applied (some 40 euros, but varying according to your home country).

Find an internship

Indonesia offers various internship opportunities in different fields. You are likely to be taken on board by many local or foreign companies operating across the archipelago. To find an internship there, you can first of all seek the help of your school or university. Networking may also help if you already have contacts there. Otherwise, you can also search for internship offers on the Internet.

Sending spontaneous applications to major companies operating in Indonesia may also help, even if internship offers have not been advertised. You may as well contact your home country's Economic Mission or embassy in Indonesia for further assistance.

 Good to know:

Many NGOs which are based in Indonesian are also very open to young students seeking new opportunities.

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