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If you are moving to Indonesia, you are probably wondering how you are going to spend your leisure time. Find out, in this article, how you can keep yourself busy there.

Half of Indonesia's population is less than 30 years old. Young and dynamic people often still have much energy to spend after their working hours. Hence, most Indonesian indulge in sports activities. The archipelago's 13,000 islands have much to offer in terms of leisure and sports activities, as well as it terms of culture. You can very likely enjoy your stay there, especially if you are moving there with your family.

Indonesia also hosts many spas, as well as restaurants where you will be able to discover its rich and diverse cuisine.


Like in many countries worldwide, football is very popular in Indonesia. Many locals, youngsters in particular, usually take part in friendly football matches in the afternoon or on week-ends. Others prefer badminton, racket games, basket, cycling, boxing, Pencak Silat, Sepak takraw, rugby, polo, etc., which are also very popular in Asia. You may even register with a sports club or association if you wish.

As regards foreigners, they often prefer surfing, snorkeling, diving (Candi Dasa, Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan), to windsurfing or boating, etc., which are available in some regions. Recently, many golf courses have especially been designed for tourists and expatriates on different islands.

Local tourism

Once you have properly settled in Indonesia, you can enjoy your leisure time by discovering its numerous volcanoes which are known as gunungs, sandy beaches, rice fields, national parks and mountains, as well as its beautiful villages such as the Beliem Valley, Pulau Siberut Candijero, Jangaa, etc. You will also find ancient monuments, desert islands and forests, not to mention interesting folk ceremonies.

In major cities like Jakarta, you would probably prefer shopping in its huge malls which are usually very bustling on weekends. These also host restaurants, fast foods, cinema halls, etc.


Culture is another fundamental aspect of the Indonesian culture. Besides its natural and historical patrimony, the country also enjoys a rich culture which is described by its dances, plays, the Balinese music, as well as many cultural events which are held all year long.

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