Opening a bank account in Indonesia


How to open a bank account in Indonesia? What are the documents required and procedures to follow? Find all relative information in this article.

Foreigners having settled in Indonesia and working there will probably want to open a bank account. In fact, opening a bank account in the country will not only allow you to receive your salary and make savings but also to perform other transactions. There are two types of banks in Indonesia: community banks and commercial banks. But foreigners are strongly advised to opt for commercial banks as cash cannot be deposited in community banks. You are also likely to find banks which are based on the Sharia Law.


Bank interests are strictly prohibited by the Islamic Law.

Indonesian banks

Indonesian hosts many international banks such as the Standard Chartered Bank, BCA, Citibank, CIMB Niaga, Danamon, Mandiri Bank, Internasional Indonesia Bank and Bank Rakyat Indonesia. As regards local banks, you can choose among the ANZ Indonesia, PT Bank PAN Indonesia Tbk, Agroniaga Tbk, Antardaerah, Artha Graha Internasional Tbk, Bukopin Tbk, Bumi Arta Tbk, Bank Central Asia, Ekonomi Raharja Tbk, Ganesha Bank, Hana Himpunan Saudara 1906 Tbk, ICB Bumiputera, ICBC Indonesia, Index Selindo, Kesawan Tbk, Maspion Indonesia, Mayapada Internasional Tbk, Mega Tbk, Mestika Dharma, Metro Express, Muamalat Indonesia Tbk, Mutiara Tbk, Nusantara Tbk Parahyangan, OCBC NISP Tbk, Permata Tbk, Pundi, Sinarmas, Swadesi Tbk, Syariah Mandiri, Syariah Mega Indonesia, UOB Indonesia.

Indonesian vocabulary

Unless you speak Indonesian or you find an English-speaking bank agent, you should know a few expressions which should be useful during your bank appointment. The following should help you:

Selamat hsiang!” means “Hello!”

Saya mau membuka rekening tabungan” means “I would like to open a bank account”

Saya mau membuka buku tabungan” means “I would like to open a savings account”

Membuka” means “open”, “rekening” means “account” and “tabungan” means “savings”

Remember to add “Silakan” or “please”, with a smile as a bonus!

Baiklah” means “okay”.

You should also understand what the agent is asking you:

Ada yang saya bisa bantu?”means “Can I help you?”

Kartu Tanda Pengenal” means “identity card”

Isi Formulir ini” means “to fill out this form”.


Once you have got acquainted with the bank agent, you will have to produce the following documents, whether you wish to open a savings account, a payment card account or a check book account:

  • a photocopy of your valid passport
  • a photocopy of your temporary residency permit (SCPI, KITAS) or permanent residency permit (Kitap)
  • a recommendation letter from your employer if any
  • a minimum deposit (to be confirmed with the agent).

Note that you can choose between a local currency (Indonesian rupiah) or foreign currency (US$) account which are also known as mata uang or valuta. Procedures are generally completed in a single day, even if you have requested a debit card, that is a Anjungan Tunai Mandiri card.

Internet and mobile banking

To facilitate your banking transactions, many Indonesian banks offer internet and mobile banking services. These will allow you to check your account's current balance (saldo rekening), make transfers, check your statements (laporan rekening), etc. Note that you are required to fill in the appropriate request form during the opening of your bank account.

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