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How to stay in touch with your family and friends if you are moving to Indonesia? The country has a wide telecommunications network. Find out more in this article.

Nowadays, having a telephone and staying connected to the web is almost a must. As a newcomer in Indonesia, you will probably want to keep in touch with your family and friends abroad or perform some online research work. This should be rather easy as Indonesia has a wide telecommunications network including land lines, mobile phones, as well as Internet. Note that major Indonesian cities enjoy a good coverage.

 Good to know:

The phone and Internet networks are being upgraded continuously although the quality of communication is often affected by heavy rain and humidity.

Phone service providers

Telekom Indonesia is the country's main land line phone service provider and is state-owned. But you can also turn to Telkomsel which is jointly owned by the Indonesian government and Singapore Telecommunications.

As regards mobile service providers, you can choose among PT Telkom, PT Telkomsel, PT Indosat, PT Satelindo, IM3 Indosat, Bakrie Telecom (BTEL), Qatar Telecom (QTel), XL Axiata, PT Hutchison CP, SmartFren, Mobile 8, Smart Telecom, PT Natrindo Telepon Selular (NTS), SingTel and Temasek.

Phone bills

Phone bills are issued monthly by Telekom Indonesia and these have to be settled between the 5th and the 20th of every month. Otherwise, your phone line could be disconnected. Phone bills can be settled either at the ATM or by phone by providing your credit card number. You might as well opt for direct debit from your bank account.

Mobile phones

If you do not yet have a mobile phone, you may purchase it once you are in Indonesia. Mobile phone shops can be found almost everywhere in the country. You may choose between a post paid monthly plan or a prepaid plan. In the case of prepaid plans, refills can be purchased in mobile phone shops, kiosks and some other shops.

Highest rated mobile service providers

Telkomsel is deemed to be Indonesia's main mobile phone service provider.

Indosat, for its part, is among the three biggest Indonesian phone service providers. Indosat offers three types of packages: postpaid plans, prepaid packs and Internet packages.

AXISworld seems to be the country's most ambitious mobile phone service provider. Its offers not only call and text packages at low prices but also discounts on Internet packages.

XL Axiata (XL) is also one of the country's most popular mobile phone service providers. You will need no specific service activation to be able to make foreign phone calls. This can be a significant advantage for foreigners.


Internet connection quality in Indonesia has been upgraded consequently over the years. The main Internet service providers are:

  • Wasantara
  • CBN which specializes in mobile telephony and also Internet.
  • Max3 which provides connection through optical fiber. However, you will have to inquire if your region is covered by this service. Max3 also offers mobile phone and television services.

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