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Looking forward to settle in the Tamil Nadu? Which is the most appropriate city and neighborhood? Find out in this article.

Tamil Nadu, which is found in South India, is a top destination not only for the numerous opportunities it provides but also for its inhabitants' quality living. Indeed, you are likely to benefit from a prosperous economy by moving to one of its cities. It will also be a great opening on the region's huge cultural, traditional and historical legacy, especially in its villages. In fact, its main cities, including Chennai which is its capital city, have been attracting foreigners in large numbers for years now. Hence, moving to the Tamil Nadu will definitely be an enriching experience if you have decided to relocate there.

 Good to know:

Tamil Nadu is India's 6th most densely populated with more than 72 million inhabitants to date, including many expatriate communities and Indians coming from other parts of the country.


Tamil Nadu consists of some thirty districts, including Chennai, Madurai, Salem, Coimbatore, Kanniyakumari, Eroden, Karur, Krishnagiri and Kancheepuram, etc. Its major city is Chennai, formerly known as Madras, which is a highly industrial region. Coimbatore, for its part, is another industrial city specializing in textiles while Madurai is deemed to be the State's cultural center. Trichy is found near the international airport and, finally, Vellore is another industrial city.

Each of these cities consist of different business, industrial, commercial and residential neighborhoods.

Rent prices

Chennai has always been the most popular destination in the Tamil Nadu with, undoubtedly, the highest rents. On the other hand, rents are more affordable in cities such as Coimbatore, Madurai and Trichy. Note that, in general, you are likely to find different types of accommodation in these cities: individual houses, apartments, villas, etc.

For instance, you will need an average of INR 11,400 per month to rent a single-bedroom apartment in the city-center of Chennai and some INR 6,900 per month for the same type of accommodation in the outskirts. For a three-bedroom apartment, you will need an average of INR 26,900 per month in the city-center and around INR 16,800 per month in the outskirts.

To rent a single-bedroom apartment in Coimbatore, you will need an average of INR 8,100 per month in the city-center and around INR 5,700 per month in the outskirts. For a three-bedroom apartment in the same city, you will spend around INR 16,200 per month in the city-center and some INR 12,500 per month in the outskirts.

In Madurai, renting a single-bedroom apartment will around an average of INR 8,000 per month in the city center and around INR 3,700 per month in the outskirts. For a three-bedroom apartment, count some INR 17,300 per month in the city-center and around INR 9,000 per month in the outskirts.

Finally, you will need around INR 8,100 per month for a single-bedroom apartment and an average of INR 16,200 per month for a three-bedroom apartment in Trichy's city center. In the outskirts, rent for a single-bedroom apartment can amount to INR 5,700 while a three-bedroom apartment should cost around INR 12,500 per month.

Find accommodation

Finding accommodation in the Tamil Nadu should be rather easy thanks to the Internet, but you will have to specify in which city you would prefer to search. In all cases, the offers is rather proportional to the demand, especially when it comes to individual houses and villas. In fact, apartments are generally found in the center of major cities.

Remember to check out classified ads in local newspapers as well as, and to inquire with your friends or contacts on the spot if you have any. And then, why not register with a real estate agency? Indeed, you will stand more chances of finding accommodation according to your criteria and budget.

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