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If you have always dreamed of working in New Delhi, here is an overview of its economy and labor market to help you find a job.

New Delhi is, with no doubt, the ideal destination for professional expatriation in India. Thanks to its developing economy with a positive growth rate, it has been attracting foreign professionals, investors, as well as many international and multinational companies over the years. With a population of 18,248,290 inhabitants en 2015, India's capital city keeps on providing various opportunities to qualified ans skilled foreign professionals. But before starting to look for a job, make sure to be aware of its labor market's requirements and features.

 Good to know:

New Delhi is India's second most important city after Mumbai which is the major industrial city. As the country's federal capital city, New Delhi hosts the parliament, the Supreme Court, as well as other government authorities.


Following a slow-down during the past few years, New Delhi's economy seems to have taken off once again, aiming at an improvement of at least 7.8% of its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015. Indeed, the government is expecting a 7% growth rate of the same year, especially thanks to the efforts made to allow receipt of foreign capital by Indian companies.

Note that India has a diversified economy which includes the following fields: information and communication technology, finance, trade, telecommunications, tourism, hospitality and catering, media, health care services, etc. Many services are also clustered in Connaught Place which is one of the country's biggest trade and financial centers. Moreover, many international and multinational companies have set up in New Delhi so as to benefit from its qualified, skilled and English-speaking human resources, along with boosting the economy.

The manufacturing industry is still present in New Delhi. In fact, it is based on the production of consumer goods, involving a growing number of factories. Finally, real estate and community services also make a significant contribution to the capital city's economy.

Labor market

Most of New Delhi's inhabitants prefer to work in the government sector which is the main job provider. Therefore, there are many employment opportunities in the private sector due to the presence of many national, international and multinational companies in the city. As a qualified and skilled foreigner, you are likely to be hired in the fields of information and communication technology, telecommunications, finance and health care as well.

Note, on the other hand, that there is no restriction whatsoever on Indian or foreign companies regarding the recruitment of foreign professionals. However, you have to be in possession of an employment visa to be allowed to work in New Delhi, like in the rest of the country.

 Important :

New Delhi's labor market is based on hierarchy. Decision are taken by the highest cadres and cannot be contradicted. Do not expect your superiors to congratulate you on performing a task well. Moreover, refusing to perform a task is unacceptable within an Indian company. As regards the professional dress code, although it is less formal with regard to other countries, avoid wearing clothes which reveal your arms and your upper legs.

Find a job

Before starting your job search, make sure to update your resume (written in English according to Indian norms) by emphasizing on your qualifications, skills and expertise. You can then check out job offers through various channels: Internet, classified ads in local newspapers, networking, etc. If you have friends or contacts on the spot, word-of-mouth may also help.

Otherwise, feel free to register with a recruitment agency for more chances of finding a job according to your profile and expectations more rapidly.

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