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Here is an overview of the career prospects that are available in Jaipur. Find, also, some tips to guide you through your job search.

Nicknamed the “Pink City”, Jaipur is one of the major Indian cities. Located in North India, it is the capital city of the State of Rajasthan. It is, above all, a tourist city thanks to its numerous places of interest, as well as its huge historical and cultural heritage. Jaipur also provides career prospects in various fields, hence attracting foreign professionals in large numbers year in, year out.

Since a few years, Jaipur has been experiencing a real economic boom since a few years, especially thanks to trade and the manufacturing industry. Therefore, you should not have much trouble in finding a job if you are planning to move there.

 Good to know:

Jaipur is a pre modern Indian city, divided into six zones through large and regular streets. Moreover, the central government has launched a light-rail project in 2010 so as to equip the city with modern transport infrastructure that is up to international norms.


Jaipur's economy mainly relies on tourism, but other sectors such as trade, the manufacturing industry, as well as finance, information and communication technology, etc, also make a significant contribution to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which amounted to some US$ 24 billion in 2014. Growth rate, for its part, is estimated at 6,7% for the period ranging from 2008 to 2025. Note that Jaipur attracts massive investment from other parts of India and from other countries as well.

To date, the city hosts several national and international firms, namely Mahindra Tech, Infosys, Deutsche Bank Group, etc, which are clustered in its special economic zones (SEZ). Note that Jaipur is also listed among the world's 50 top emerging cities in terms of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO). You will also find engineering and textile zones, as well as the Jaipur Stock Exchange and the State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur.

Jaipur also hosts many well-known universities, namely the University of Manipal, the University of Technology Baldev Ram Mirdha, the University of Rajasthan, the National University of Jaipur, the Amity University, and many other higher education institutions which welcome local and foreign students. You will also find many international schools and specialized colleges.

 Good to know:

Jaipur is listed among the best places to visit in India thanks to places of interest such as the Vidhan Sabha, the Hawa Mahal and Jal Mahal, the Jantar Mantar, Ajmer Forts, Jaigarh and Nahargarh, as well as the Sanganeri Gate, the Jaipur Zoo, and many others. Among its prestigious hotels, you will also find the Raj Palace Hotel.

Labor market

Tourism is probably the major employer in Jaipur, followed by its special economic zones which include firms specializing in engineering, finance, information and communication technology and BPO. Moreover, most of the State of Rajasthan's qualified and skilled workforce tends to move to Jaipur to look for opportunities as well as better standards of living. Note that the World Trade Park and the Gaurav Tower are important business hubs that you can consider during your job search.

Find a job

As mentioned above, why not try your luck by sending spontaneous job applications to major firms operating in Jaipur? You can find a list of these companies in yellow pages and with foreign Chambers of Commerce in the city. You might as well browse offers on the Internet thanks to several general and specialized job websites, professional social networks and other virtual platforms.

You can also check out classified ads in local newspapers and even inquire with your friends or contacts on the spot, if any. But like in most major Indian cities, you stand more chances of finding your dream job by registering with a recruitment agency.

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