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Finding a job in Goa should not be a difficult task. Find, in this article, some tips to guide you through your search.

Goa is undoubtedly one of India's most popular regions. Indeed, it has been attracting tourists and expatriates in large numbers for many years, especially due to its cultural and historical legacy. Tourism is, in fact, Goa's main economic pillar, thanks to its beautiful beaches. But life is Goa is not restricted to that.

The city also provides career prospects to foreigners. Hence, you should not have much trouble in finding a job there. However, make sure to inquire on its labor market's requirements before getting started.


Goa is India's smallest State. Nevertheless, it remains a very developed and prosperous region with a higher growth rate than the rest of the country. Goa is also one of the regions having the most developed infrastructures, thus providing a pleasant environment and quality of life to its inhabitants.

As regards its economy, it relies mainly on tourism, supported by fisheries, agriculture, as well as industry and information and communication technology. Note that Goa has recently prohibited mining so as to wipe out the danger prevailing over the local workforce. But the city still hosts several distilleries and canning industries.

Furthermore, Goa hosts a large number of small and medium enterprises which are involved, namely, in the production of fertilizers, pesticides, shoes manufacturing, tubes and tires, chemicals and pharmaceutics, as well as textiles and the production of alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine and liquor.

 Good to know:

Goa's government recently decided not to set up special economic zones (SEZ) anymore as too many local companies have intruded in these so as to benefit from interesting tax incentives. Note that, to date, the State hosts 16 SEZ.

On the other hand, the currency market, thanks to the growth of tourism activities, is deemed to be a major source of revenue to Goa. This has even encouraged the creation of beach resorts, hotels and other tourism infrastructure in the region. Finally, information and communication technology are rapidly developing into an important economic pillar like in most big Indian cities. Moreover, a software technology park should soon come into operation in Verna.

Labor market

Most of Goa's inhabitants work in the tourism, fisheries and industry fields. As regards agriculture, which mainly involves the production of rice, coconut and cashew nuts, it generally provides part time jobs. Foreign professionals, for their part, are more likely to be hired in the field of information and communication technology and in industry.

Note that potential candidates for employment in Goa must gave a good command of English. Indeed, English is Goa's trade and administrative language, as much as Hindi. A good knowledge of Portuguese will also be appreciated.

Find a job

Job offers in Goa are generally available on the Internet and in classified ads in local newspapers. But word-of-mouth may also help you have friends or contacts on the spot. Make sure to check professional social networks and other virtual platforms as well. You can even update and post your resume on these so that potential employers can get in touch with your more directly.

Finally, registering with a recruitment agency may help your land a job more rapidly as per your profile and expectations.

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