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What are the means of transport that are available in New Delhi? Are these easily accessible? Find out in this article.

When moving to India, you will probably be relocating in one of its major cities. If New Delhi is your final destination, you shall have no trouble in traveling there, or across the city, and even elsewhere. Indeed, New Delhi has a well developed transport network consisting of subway, buses, etc. You can even travel by taxi, not to mention the famous rickshaw which can help you avoid being stuck in traffic jam during peak hours. In short, it is up to you to decide which will the most appropriate means of transport for your according to your needs and budget.


The Indian capital city, on its own, hosts several airports, including the Indira Gandhi International Airport which is found in the South-east. This airport provides international and domestic flights while the smaller airports provide mainly regional and domestic flights. You can therefore travel from one city to another if, of course, you have the means to do so, and especially if you are there on a business trip or professional mission.


Subway is very practical and affordable means of transport in New Delhi, connecting the different neighborhoods to one another. It even stretches over to other parts of the country, passing through several train stations. Note that the subway network is managed by the New Delhi Transport Corporation. It consists of three different lines, namely the red line, the yellow line and the blue line. These will even take you to the city's outskirts, passing through Old Delhi, Tilak Bridge, Ohkla, etc. Note, however, that you are likely to be searched before boarding, for security reasons.


New Delhi host the biggest bus network through the country, which is also managed by the New Delhi Transport Network. But you can also find several private bus lines which provide very affordable rates. In general, New Delhi buses can be distinguished thanks to their color: yellow and blue buses are private buses. Bus lines are generally displayed on a banner on the top. The banner is white in the case of State buses and green in the case of private buses. You can even board on air conditioned buses thanks to the Blue Line.


Taxis are easily available in New Delhi. You can either stop these in the streets, or reach the nearest taxi stand, or even make advance booking by phone. However, taxis are less popular in New Delhi than in the rest of the country. Indeed, although New Delhi taxis are very comfortable, these are generally more expensive than in other major cities. Therefore, you are advised to negotiate the fare with the driver beforehand, especially if you are new to the city. In fact, unlike in other cities, taxis in the capital city do not have a meter.


Like in other Indian cities, you will find two types of rickshaws in New Delhi. Auto-rickshaws are more popular, being easily available almost everywhere and, above all, cheaper. These are rather rapid and will allow you avoid traffic jam, even during peak hours. But make sure to negotiate the fare with the auto-rickshaw rider before starting. Although these vehicles are equipped with a meter, most riders will also find an excuse not to start it.

 Good to know:

When taking a rickshaw late at night, that is between 11 pm and 5 am, you will have to pay double the normal fare.

As regards the bike-rickshaw, it is cheaper and slower as well. Moreover, it can transport a maximum of two passengers thanks to seats that are fixed behind the bike. Note that bike-rickshaws are not allowed into the city center.

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