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Internships are quite popular with foreign students looking forward to move to India. Here is how to proceed to find an internship there.

India can be a quite interesting destination if like thousands of young students worldwide you are also looking for internship opportunities. Indeed, moving to India for an internship will allow you not only to benefit from numerous opportunities offered by this giant economy, but also from a wide opening on a rich history mixed with several different cultures and traditions. But before proceeding, it is best to inquire on procedures related to performing an internship in this huge Asian country.


First of all, you must have landed an internship offer to be able to proceed with travel formalities. Indeed, you can start by browsing internship offers on the Internet thanks to several specialized websites, as well as professional social networks and other virtual platforms. You can as well send spontaneous internship applications to large international and multinational companies operating across India. You might be lucky! Who knows? You can find a list of these companies in yellow pages or with foreign Chambers of Commerce in the country.

Note, however, that internships in India are allowed only within the framework of your higher studies. This means that you must be in possession of an internship agreement signed between your university and the company which wishes to take you on board. Therefore, you can even seek the help of your university during your internship search.


Once you have landed an internship offer, you will have to request for an appropriate visa. In general, the type of visa and its validity period will depend on the purpose and estimated duration of stay in India. You can therefore request for a student visa which will allow you to legally perform an internship in the country.

 Good to know:

Any visa application before the candidate has landed an internship offer will not be considered. Moreover, you are not allowed to perform an internship in India once you have completed your higher studies.

To apply for a visa, the following documents have to be produced:

  • your passport (which has to be valid for at least six months and having three blank pages)
  • a copy of your passport's first pages (containing your identity details)
  • three passport size identity photos
  • a copy of your internship agreement signed between your university and your host company
  • an invitation letter issued by your host company (specifying the duration and conditions of the internship)
  • two duly filled visa application forms
  • proof of sufficient funds to support yourself throughout your stay in the country.

Fees of some 93 euros apply.

 Important :

Your visa should be issued within 7 to 15 days following your application if the latter has been accepted. It should be valid throughout the internship's duration as from the date of issue. Therefore, you are advised to proceed with the rest of formalities at the soonest.


Once you have received your internship agreement and your visa, you simply have to fly to India. But you are advised to inquire on conditions related to performing an internship in India beforehand. Indeed, internships are not officially recognized in India, and therefore, not guaranteed by law. The internship's conditions and terms will thus be defined by your host company, taking into account employees' rights.

In the case of a paid internship, do not expect high wages, although the cost of living in India is rather low compared to many other countries. Moreover, wages may vary from one region to another and according to the type of activity performed.

As regards working hours, you should expect to work more in India than you would probably do in your home country. In fact, the legal working week consists of six days, that is from Monday to Saturday over a total of 48 hours. You will generally start working at 8 am to finish around 6 pm. Sunday, for its part, is a rest day.

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