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How can your children access to child care in India? What are the related formalities? Find out in this article.

During your stay in India, especially if you are moving there with family and very young children, you will probably have queries regarding their education and care. India is undeniably one of the world's most industrialized and densely populated countries, but with a very low literacy rate compared to many countries. However, you should not have much trouble in finding child care, particularly in major cities. You can even hire an ayah, that is a babysitter, to look after your children during your working hours or if you have to go out for a while.

Education system

Pre primary schooling is not compulsory in India. Indeed, it is optional for three to five years old children. Education becomes compulsory from children as from 6 years old when they join primary school for six years.

In general, young children enrolled in pre schools start to learn and develop through recognition of colors, numbers and symbols, as well as fruits, vegetables and animals. In some pre schools, they can even learn reading and writing and basic calculations. Montessori schools are the most popular ones in India.

Children aged between 18 months and three years are enrolled in private play schools. Finally, pre primary school is divided into two categories, namely lower classes which welcome three to four years old children and higher pre primary classes which are more adapted to the needs of four to five years old children.

 Good to know:

In general, children attending school have to wear the uniform, including matching socks and shoes, as well as hair ribbons for girls.


You are advised to inquire on different types of schools and on the programs offered before enrolling your children in pre school. In fact, you are likely to find several private international schools in most major cities, as well as other child care centers providing quality education. Note that word-of-mouth and Internet can be very useful tools when you will be looking for child care services.

You are also required to make sure that your child's vaccines are up to date according to his age. During enrollment procedures, you are required to produce your identity documents (passport and visa), proof of address, as well as your child's birth certificate and health card.

 Important :

As regards who are children born in India to foreign parents, they have to be vaccinated against chicken pox, measles, mumps and rubella, HIB, etc. Make sure to seek relevant information with your child's pediatrician.


You will also find babysitters, called ayah, in India. This can be an ideal solution for parents who work and whose children are too young to attend pre school or child care centers. Note that ayahs generally perform household task, or help you with these, along with looking after children.

However, make sure to verify the ayah's identity, address and phone number, as well as her past recommendations, etc, before hiring her. You are also advised to secure passport-size photos of her. Finally, it is recommended that you set up an employment contract, mentioning the job description, and the wages as well.

You can find ayahs on the Internet, as well as through specialized babysitting agencies.

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