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If you dream about moving to Hong Kong, here is an overview of this territory which is one of China's most prosperous regions.

As one of China's two special administrative regions, Hong Kong is a dream destination for many foreigners worldwide. Indeed, Hong Kong is the country's biggest and most densely populated special administrative region along with being one of the country's most economically prosperous cities, providing various opportunities.


Stretching over some 1,100 km², Hong Kong is divided into three major areas, namely the Southern Island which is its political and economic heart although it represents only 10% of the territory, Kowloon which is opposite to it and the New Territories which have been leased to the British in 1898. The New Territories account for more than 80% of Hong Kong's total surface area.

In political terms, Hong Kong consists of 18 districts, each of which has its own council. However, these councils do not really have political power.

Population and languages

As China's 5th urban area, Hong Kong is one of the country's most densely populated territories with a population of some 7 million inhabitants. Unemployment rate in Hong Kong was very low as at the first quarter of 2015, that is as 1.4%.

Cantonese is spoken and taught at school. Indeed, it is an essential part of the local population's everyday life, both in family and social terms. English is also very widespread, especially in trade and commercial exchanges and with expatriates. The bilingual policy also applies to displays, including road traffic signs, subtitles at the cinema hall, etc., thanks to the government's efforts. Moreover, Mandarin is also spoken by minorities since Hong Kong's return to China.


Hong Kong is mainland China's most prosperous city and the world's 3rd biggest financial hub. Its economy mainly relies on the tertiary sector. Although maritime trade was the first field to experience development, other fields such as textiles, services and industry also evolved very rapidly.

On the other hand, Hong Kong's economy relies to a large extend on foreign exchanges as well as tourism which is becoming more and more significant. Its main competitors are, namely, Singapore and Shanghai. Note that Hong Kong's official currency is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD).


Hong Kong experiences a subtropical climate. Winter lasts for two months only, that is from January to February. The weather is rather dry and cloudy, but it barely rains. Temperatures, for their part, range between 13°C and 22°C. Then come spring and summer, from March to October, with warm and humid temperatures ranging between 17°C and 31°C. Finally, autumn, which lasts from October to December, is considered to be the most pleasant season with a sunny weather and mild temperatures ranging between 15°C and 30°C.

On the other hand, Hong Kong is rather vulnerable to typhoons due to its location.


Hong Kong's political system consists of a legislative assembly which elects a chief executive or a head of the government. The latter is first named by the Chinese President of the Republic. Hong Kong also has a parliament and a legislative council named LEGCO.

The legal and judiciary system is also different from that of mainland China. In fact, Hong Kong has preserved its common law system as established during the British colonization period and is not answerable to the Chinese national laws.

Cultural diversity

Cultural diversity is one of the main factors that have been attracting foreigners in large numbers to Hong Kong. This has been occasioned, especially during the British colonization period and the retrocession period. Cultural diversity can therefore be experienced in all spheres of life in Hong Kong, whether in economic, cultural, linguistic or religious terms.

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Discover Hong Kong

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