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Dalian has a diverse and prosperous economy. Job opportunities are available in various fields such as petrochemicals, distribution and technology.

Dalian is the Liaoning province's biggest city. It is one of the major Chinese cities due to its port, which is the country's third largest. It is also a city of many nicknames. Founded by the Russians in 1898, the city is often referred to as “China’s Russian city” with a large number of Russian expats residing in the city. Being the trading and financial centre of northeastern China had gained Dalian yet another name — the “Hong Kong of Northern China”

It is also known as the city of students, with many foreigners entering the city’s universities to study Chinese. Dalian’s main universities and higher education institutes are the University of Dalian, the Dalian Polytechnic University, the University of Foreign Languages or the Dalian University of Technology.

Dalian has been attracting more and more foreigners over the past few years due to the numerous professional opportunities it offers and a number of national and international companies eager to welcome foreign talent.

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The cost of living in Dalian is quite high compared to many other Chinese cities, especially when it comes to food.

Dalian's economy

Dalian's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to some 773.2 billion yuan in 2017 and the city ranked as China’s 18th most competitive city in 2016.

Dalian's economy focuses on various sectors such as industry, petrochemicals, oil refineries, metallurgy, distribution, electronics and high technology. Financial services also contribute significantly to the city's GDP — the city is Northern China's financial centre, with several national and international banks and other financial institutions.

Heavy industry almost dominates Dalian's economy. It's the second largest industrial production in the province of Liaoning with the city’s major industries being petrochemicals, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding and others. The services sector is catching on and accounted for 51% of the GDP in 2015. A number of international investors have chosen Dalian as their headquarters and the city’s leading enterprises include PetroChina's Dalian Corp, Dalian Locomotive & Roll Stock Works, Dalian Port Corp and others. The city is home to several industrial parks (such as Dalian High-tech Industrial Development Zone) and special economic zones (like Dalian Free Trade Zone). Dalian is also Northern China's financial centre, with several national and international banks and other financial institutions.

Find a job in Dalian

Expatriates in Dalian can be hired in different sectors: from teaching at one of the city’s many universities to holding positions in industry, high technology, financial services and more. Do not hesitate to send spontaneous applications to companies or educational institutions operating in the region according to your skills.

You can also check out job offers on the internet and in the sections of the classified ads in local newspapers, visit expat forums and network at the city’s business and trade events.

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If you are looking for a position urgently, try reaching out to one of the city’s many educational establishments.

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