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Are you looking for a job in Dalian? You first have to seek information on its labor market's requirements.

Dalian is the Liaoning province's biggest city. It is one of the major Chinese cities due to its port which is the country's third largest. It has been attracting more and more foreigners over the past few years due to the numerous professional opportunities it offers. In fact, Dalian hosts numerous national and international companies which are quite open to foreigners.

 Good to know:

The cost of living in Dalian is quite high compared to many other Chinese cities, especially regarding food.


Dalian's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) amounted to some 700.3 billion yuans in 2012, hence one of China's richest and most prosperous one. Dalian's economy focuses on various sectors such as industry, petrochemicals, oil refineries, metallurgy, distribution, electronics and high technology. Financial services also contribute significantly to the city's GDP, as well as agriculture, that is fruits, vegetables and corn cultivation.

Heavy industry almost predominates Dalian's economy. Many national and international companies have set up in the region over the years, thus accelerating its economic growth. You can also find commercial centers such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour or Mycal in Dalian. Regarding the port area, it is surrounded by petroleum refineries and chemical plants.

In the Dalian Development Zone, you will find many Japanese companies like Sanyo, Toshiba, Mitsubishi and Canon. The city also hosts an economic and technological development zone, a production and export zone, a commercial zone and a high-tech industrial zone.

Dalian is also Northern China's financial center, with several national and international banks and other financial institutions.

 Good to know:

Dalian City has many universities and higher education institutes such as the University of Dalian, the Dalian Polytechnic University, the University of Foreign Languages or the Dalian University of Technology.

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Expatriates in Dalian can be hired in different sectors: industry, high technology, financial services and electronics. Tourism and teaching are also important employment generators. Do not hesitate to send spontaneous applications to companies or educational institutions operating in the region according to your skills.

You can also check out job offers on the Internet and in the sections of the classified ads in local newspapers.

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