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Xiamen is one of the most beautiful coastal cities in southern China and has a lot to offer to expats: from its long sandy beaches to promising career opportunities. Located in China’s Fujian Province, the city has a well-developed prosperous economy, a pleasant climate and agreeable living conditions. Professional opportunities exist in a variety of fields from trade, finance and technology to tourism and education and finding a job in Xiamen should not be a problem.

The best way to start looking for work in Xiamen is to first do some research into which industries and companies are most likely to hire foreign professionals.

The economy of Xiamen

Xiamen's economy is based on various sectors such as trade, industry, food, textile, chemical industry, fishing and shipbuilding, etc. Financial services, as well as information technology and communication also contribute to its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which stood at more than 346 billion in 2016.

Xiamen’s commercial development is owed in part to the city’s proximity to Taiwan, and in part to it being an important hub of the Maritime Silk Road. Xiamen is the world’s 17th busiest container port exporting to 36 Maritime Silk Road countries and furthering China’s trade with countries in Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and Africa. The FTZ (Fujian Free Trade Zone) is the centre of the city’s commercial activity, uniting its overland and maritime trade routes. 20 of the world’s largest shipping companies run their operations in the city.

Xiamen’s commercial activity attracts a lot of foreign investment which, in turn, has led to the region’s financial and technological development. There are hundreds of financial institutions including the Xiamen International Bank and many other international banks. The city also hosts a number of industries involved in biotechnology, medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, electronic and electrical activities. Research, logistics, distribution and telecommunications play an important role in its economy. The city also has a high-tech industrial zone known as the Torch Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone.

Job-hunting in Xiamen

Finding a job in the city should not be difficult. Naturally, a lot of professional opportunities are concentrated in trading and logistics. IT, financial and communication technology are also the fields with a high expat-recruitment potential.

Young graduates may consider employment at one of the city’s many English learning centres while those with specialised degrees and experience can apply for a job at Xiamen University and other higher education establishments.

You can conduct your job search entirely online: there are several English websites that are very helpful in an expat’s everyday life. Check classified ads in local newspapers and contact selected companies or educational establishments directly. Don’t forget to mingle and network, attend expat meet-ups in the city, business conferences and exhibitions. If you are still having trouble finding a suitable position, consider getting in touch with a recruitment agency, outlining what kind of job you are looking for and submitting your most up-to-date profile.

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