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Wondering about the means of transport that are available in Phnom Penh? Find an overview of the Cambodian capital city's transport network in this article.

Like most major Asian cities, Phnom Penh also has a developed transport network. In fact, you can travel anywhere across the Cambodian capital city if you have settled there thanks to numerous modern and traditional means of transport. Some are more comfortable than others and fares vary according to the type of transport and distance traveled.

You can drive as well if you wish to rent or buy a car, provided you have a valid driver's license. But as driving in Phnom Penh can be quite risky at the start, it is best to take advantage of public means of transport.

Motorcycle taxis, tuk-tuk, etc

If you are planning to go out everyday, whether to work or for some other purpose, transport fees can be quite expensive at the end of the month. Hence, you are advised to travel by motorcycle-taxi which is quite cheap, though less comfortable. Make sure to negotiate the destination and price before starting. In some cases, you can even settle for a travel plan with the rider. Note, however, that night fares are higher. Otherwise, you can opt for the cycle-pedal which is cheaper than the motorcycle-taxi and ideal for sight-seeing around the capital city.

The tuk-tuk is another traditional means of transport whereby a bicycle rider will pull a four-seated carriage. But its fares are higher than those of the motorcycle-taxi, often tending to increase at night.

Taxis are also available in Phnom Penh. However, these are not equipped with a meter. Therefore, fares have to be negotiated before starting.

Cars and motorbikes

If you prefer to travel freely and more comfortably with your family, you can also rent a car. You will need around US$ 1 per day. However, you are advised to get acquainted with the Cambodian driving style beforehand. Motorbikes can also be rent.


The Phnom Penh International Airport is found on the Russian Boulevard, on the west end of the city. The airport is modern, providing international and domestic flights through Cambodia Angkor Air which is the national carrier. The company provides four daily flights from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap.


You can also travel from Phnom Penh to neighboring cities and to the rest of the country thanks to the bus network which are operated by several companies, namely Sorya, GST, TK, etc. The capital city, on its own, hosts two major bus terminals which are found near the Central market and along the Northern part of Riversite respectively.


To date, the country hosts one of South-East Asia's most ramshackle train networks. However, you can still access to these in Phnom Penh at the end of the 108 and 106 roads. In general, the Battambang route is available only once a week, that is on Saturday, as from 6.12 am and it comes back the next day around 5.20 pm.


Unless you go through a specialist company or a travel agency, you can purchase boat tickets from Angkor Express and Siem Reap.

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