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Whatever the purpose of your stay in Cambodia, you will probably have to move around. Here is an overview of the country's transport system.

Transports are an essential part of everyday life in any country. So if you are moving to Cambodia, rest assured! You can choose among various means of transport, whether to go to work, sightseeing, shopping, or for any other purpose. Feel free to decide whether you prefer to travel by bus, taxi, boat, by plane, or even by helicopter. You can as well rent a car if you have a valid driver's license. Moreover, some more traditional means of transport will not only delight you but also help you save time and money.


Make sure to be in possession of a valid driver's license while driving, even if you have not yet converted your original driver's license into a Cambodian one. Otherwise, you are liable to a fine. You are also advised to be very cautious while driving, especially if you are new in the country. It can be quite risky, both in rural and urban regions.


While dealing with a car rental company, avoid entrusting your passport with the owner since you are required to have it with you all the time during your stay in the country.


As regards public transport, you can choose from buses, taxis, vans and pick-ups. These are quite comfortable, cheap and are available in most regions. In case you prefer a shared taxi, the fare can be negotiated before boarding. You can as well multiply the backseat price by four if you wish, once you have hired the taxi.


Cambodia's train network is not very commendable. In fact, it is deemed to be one of South-East Asia's most ramshackle networks. But you can still try the bamboo train which is also known as the Lorry or Norry, for some adventure. It is a wooden board which is propelled by a motor.


You can find taxis almost everywhere in major Cambodian cities, and even in the countryside. However, local taxis are not equipped with a meter. Therefore, the fare has to be negotiated before boarding. Nevertheless, it is deemed to be a very safe and comfortable means of transport.

Traditional transports

The motorcycle-taxi, or moto-doup, for its part, will allow you to travel more rapidly from one neighborhood to another across major cities. These are rather cheap but fares vary according to the distance traveled. Moreover, night fares are higher than day fares. Make sure to negotiate with the rider beforehand.

You will also find the pedicab or rickshaw which is a sort of sheltered bench with a mini-awning, triggered by a bicycle. These are mostly available in the capital city.

In Siem Reap and Phnom Penh, you will find the tuk-tuk, which is a motorized three-wheeler, almost everywhere. These are ideal for sight-seeing, but can also be used for other purposes, especially if you are carrying luggage or bags.

The remork-kang is a trailer pulled by a bicycle. But these are quite rare in Cambodia nowadays. Finally, you will find rotei ses, which are carts pulled by animals, especially in rural regions.


You can also ride a bike, a scooter, or even a motorcycle if you wish. These are easily available in the country. However, spare parts can be difficult to find. Moreover, you are advised to wear a helmet, knee-pads and elbow protectors. Pay a particular attention to other vehicles and pedestrians as driving and riding can be quite risky, especially when you are new to the country.


If you wish to admire the country's beautiful landscape along a river, you can hire a water taxi which is rather cheap but comfortable. The out-boor is another type of water taxi which can carry up to 6 passengers. However, it starts only when it is full.


Cambodia hosts three international airports, namely at Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville / Kampong Som. These provide not only international and regional flights but also domestic flights for those who wish to travel from one city to another by air. Cambodia Angkor Air is the national airline company.

Some private helicopter companies also provide sight-seeing flights. These are ideal if you wish to discover the country from above.

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