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Do you wish to study in Cambodia? Here is how to proceed with registration and other formalities.

Studying in Cambodia can be a very enriching experience. Over the years, many foreign students have successfully completed their higher studies in this South-East Asian country. In fact, conditions and formalities regarding higher studies in Cambodia are quite simple. But you will also require a visa. So make sure to inquire about these before proceeding further.

Higher education system

Higher education, also known as Third Phumasekar in Khmer, involves two types of institutions, namely universities and higher education institutions. Despite the country's terrible past, Cambodian authorities have managed to get into the educational mainstream through the setting up of many public and private higher education institutions. Agriculture, medicine, economy, industry, technology, science, art and culture, etc, are the main study programs that are provided.

To date, 14% of the young Cambodian population are eligible for higher studies. However, only a small elite, amounting to 3% to 5% allow their children to continue their higher studies, which is the lowest rate in South-East Asia according to the World Bank. This is particularly due to poverty-related issues. In European countries, on the other hand, 70% of youngsters continue their higher studies according to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).


In 2012, Cambodia hosted a total of 34 public higher education institutions and 57 private higher education institutions. Most of these are found in Phnom Penh, which is the Cambodian capital city.


To register with a Cambodian higher education institution, you are required to produce the following:

  • records of an end of high school graduation
  • proof of passing the university entrance examination
  • proof of passing the English proficiency test (English Proficiency Test - EFA) provided by the university
  • your birth certificate
  • your identity card
  • your valid passport
  • passport-size identity photos.


Some schools may request a recommendation letter or documents justifying the purpose of your stay and a visa.

Foreign students are advised to visit the University-directory website to obtain a list of courses and degrees available in Cambodia. Moreover, those who wish to spend a single semester or a summer program in Cambodia as part of their higher studies can choose from various programs and scholarships.

Vocational training

The public sector provides three levels of vocational training: Level 1 (one-year), level 2 (two years), level 3 (three years). To qualify for one of these three levels, you must have attended college for 5 years and high school for 4 years. The private sector, on the other hand, provides training with a duration of a few months to a maximum of three years.

Moreover, fifteen technical and vocational training institutions, which are specialized colleges, also offer graduate courses with two to three years durations. These are intended for upper secondary education graduates.

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