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Find, in this article, an overview of the Cambodia telecommunications networks if you are wondering how to make phone calls and access to the Internet.

To whatever side of the world you have moved, staying in touch with your friends and relatives and getting connected to the web will definitely be one of your priorities. So if you are moving to Cambodia, you should not worry about that as the country is widely covered by a developed telecommunications networks. In fact, you can make phone calls, whether from a land line or a mobile phone, and access to the Internet, almost everywhere.

 Good to know:

To date, Cambodia has some 450,000 land line subscribers, representing a considerable increase over the years. However, the number of mobile phone subscribers is much bigger, that is a total of 21,3 million in 2014. You must have guessed by now that the use of mobile phones is much more widespread in the country.

Land line

Unlike in the rest of Asia and in Western countries, land lines are less popular in Cambodia than mobile phones. The land line telephony market is supplied by Telecom Cambodia, Viettel, Digi, Beeline, Cellcard and Metfone Home. Note that most of these are rather specialized in mobile telephony due to great demand.

In general, installation fees for subscription with Telecom Cambodia varies from one region to another as follows:

  • US$ 60 in Phnom Penh against $ 30 in rural areas
  • US$ 150 for the deposit in Phnom Penh against $ 100 in rural areas
  • US$ 6.50 for monthly subscription against US$ 3 in rural areas.

For information on documents required during the application, it is best to contact the service provider of your choice.

Mobile phones

If you prefer to use a mobile phone, you can choose from the following mobile service providers: Beeline, Qb, Cellcard, Metfone, Smart, CooTel, Excell, etc. To purchase a sim card, you simply have to visit one of their branches or a mobile shop with your passport. While filling the application form, you will have to choose your mobile phone number from a provided list. Thereafter, you can choose from various packages. Make sure to choose the one which best suits your needs and budget.

In general, you can choose from a monthly subscription will can be settled at the end of the month, or a prepaid account which can be recharged through scratch cards. Prepaid scratch cards are available as from US$ 2 and up to US$ 100. You will be also be entitled to bonus airtime from time to time.


To apply for an Internet connection at home, you can choose from Online, Ezecom, and many other Internet service providers. These generally offer attractive packages at interesting rates, but make sure to choose according to your needs and budget. For subscription, you are required to produce your valid passport along with a valid visa, as well as proof of address. Application fees and other costs may also apply.

If you are making a short stay, you can opt for broadband Internet through a 3G key. However, do not expect high surf and download speed.

Otherwise, you can get connected in hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, etc, all around the country. Rates are rather affordable and the speed is fair enough, without interruption.

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